Golden Fiddles

The Nine Network (Mini-Series 1991)


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Golden Fiddles

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Walter and Anne Balfour live a difficult life in South Australia during the years of the Great Depression. Their small farm yields barely enough to feed them and their four children and the bank is ever-hungry for the monthly mortgage payments which the poverty-striken family are barely able to make. All in all, it is Walter who strguggles the most, feeling a sense of shame that he cannot, in such difficult times, provide a better life for his family. When he has to sell Bob's beloved pony to help make ends meet, we get the feeling that Walter has come to the end of his rope so, when Anne receives a letter from a firm of solicitors in Adelaide informing her that her recently deceased Uncle Joseph has left her, his only relative, over 400,000 pounds which will change everything he is a relieved and grateful man. As the family make excited plans to leave the small farm and move to Adelaide, where Anne had once lived as the daughter of a wealthy man, Walter is at first relieved and unburdened but as he watches and sees those he loves so deeply going, literally, from rags to riches, and how much their new-found wealth changes each and every one of them, we watch, along with him and young Bob as both wonder whether these 'Golden Fiddles' were really worth it in the end. Based on the novel by Mary Grant Bruce, this is a superb piece of Australian drama made by the South Australian film Corporation and aired in 1991 on the Nine Network, Australia. It is a heart-warming, beautifully written piece with a wonderful cast who do it justice from beginning to end.moreless

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AIRED ON 8/25/1991

Season 1 : Episode 2

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  • A wonderful piece of Australian drama from the South Australian Film Corporation which tells the story of Walter and Anne Balfour and their children who go from almost unendurable poverty to unfathomable riches. Question is, is it worth it in the end?moreless

    Walter and Anne Balfour (John Bach and Kate Nelligan) are dirt-poor. They and their four children, Norman,(Cameron Daddo) Kitty (Rachel Friend), Elsa (Pippa Grandison) and Bob (Hamish Fletcher)live on a small mortgaged farm and survive hand-to-mouth ... but only just. The bank always wants the latest mortgage payment and Walter does what he must to put food in his family's mouth, including selling Bob's beloved pony, which breaks his heart as much as it does that of his son.

    Walter is a sad and broken man, Kitty is resentful, Norman is restless and Elsa dreams of being a concert violinist. Only Anne, who came from wealth and prosperity, is constantly cheerful and Bob, who tries his best in every situation.

    When Anne's Uncle Joseph dies and leaves the family 400, 000 pounds, which, during The Great Depression, was an absolute fortune. Needless to say, the Balfours quickly move up in the world - way up. While Anne, Kitty, Elsa and Norman are delighted with their change in circumstances, Walter and Bob feel somewhat differently ...

    Based on the novel by Mary Grant Bruce, this is a faithful adaptation of a wonderful and heart-warming story. Watch this and enjoy!moreless

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