Golden Globe Awards

NBC Premiered Jan 31, 1944 Special


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  • Not as funny as the Oscars or Emmys, but much more relaxed.

    I'm always excited when an award show is coming up, because we get to see some interesting people and assist some funny speeches. Well some are pretty boring, but most of them are really good. This years Golden Globe had it all. A huge disappointment was George Clooney. Everyone could see that he was bored to death. Why? I didn't expect Timberlake to be witty, but he reacted very good when he noticed that Prince didn't make it to show up in time. It was not the show of the presenters and a host, but really the show of the winners. Meryl Streep showed that she is used to the business and made a nice speech with some laughs. You could see that America Ferrara is a newbie in this, I have my personal problems with Sacha Baron Cohen, I just can't stand his kind of humour. Hugh Laurie didn't expect to win, since he won last year, but he did a god job with his speech "from Dolce & Gabbana".
    Tom Hanks was fun when he presented the Cecil B. DeMille award for Warren Beatty

    What I like about the Golden Globe is, that no music kicks the winner of the stage, they are professional enough to know when it's enough. It's a relaxed atmosphere and movie people meet tv folks.
    Nice show and I never regret to see it.
  • Why do they even televise this show anymore, or any of the awards shows for that matter

    It's the same thing every year, and since Television and movies are making more and more dumb movies, remakes, or just boring movies, why reward them for it. They make the same dull boring jokes, and now the few shows that are actually worth watchign didn't even make it in the show. So it's jsut a bunch of actors kissing each others butts, and forcing whatever cause or view that they are into this week. Who really even watches this stuff anymore? There has to be better things that we can all do with out lives. I only watch a little bit and that was a little bit too much, I almost fell asleep in 15 minutes.
  • Terrible

    The Golden Globes last night wre pathetic. The only winner who deserved to win was Martin Scorcese for best director. No based on how many other awards The Departed won, zero, Martin only won because he is such a big name director. I would have taken any of the other nominess over Alec Baldwin, not to put him down or anything, but I think the only reason he won was because he returned to tv after a long absence from doing a series. Kiefer should have won best actor drama. At least one of The Departed actors should have won. Will Ferrell had his best performance ever in Stranger Than Fiction and he still didn't win. Little Miss Sunshine should have won best comedy. The academy only went by what is popular, not what shoudla ctually win. The Oscars better be a lot better.