Gomer Pyle, U.S.M.C.

Season 2 Episode 22

A Star is Born

Aired Friday 9:30 PM Feb 11, 1966 on CBS

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  • Sgt. Carter goes Hollywood during a documentary

    This episode starts as Sgt. Carter tells Gomer, during a Marine exercise, to go to his hands and knees to be a support as his platoon takes turns using his back to step on to go through a window. Poor Gomer holds up well, until finally his back gives out, which causes Sgt. Carter to chew him out. Two men are with Colonel Gray, as they are filmmakers wanting to do a documentary, and they have found their man, as they are impressed by . He is told the camera will be hidden, so the platoon will be natural. gets a hair cut and dressed tell him to get in his normal clothes. Aware of the camera being on him, Sgt. Carter is unusually nice to his men. Sgt. Carter hams it up for the camera, as Gomer unintentionally interrupts. The filmmakers are unhappy with Sgt. Carter, and tell him one man is hogging up the film. Funny scene as Sgt. Carter thinks It Is Gomer! So he continues on hamming it up for the camera during a rifle demonstration, and again Gomer is in his way. The filmmakers give up on Sgt. Carter, and instead want to feature Gomer. Sgt. Carter then goes back to himself, lecturing Gomerl about being late. This pleases the filmmakers, as they compromise by calling the film"A day in the life of a Marine Private and his Seargent" The final scene I rate as one of the best tag scenes on the show. Gomer and Sgt. Carter go to a bar to watch the documentary. Gomer's scenes come in clear, and when Sgt. Carter's scenes are about to show, the picture goes off, due to a blender, etc. This scene is perfect to wrap up the episode, and it is funny in that I, and I would think others, could relate to Sgt. Carter';s frustration, as the picture goes out during important moments during tv watching. I rate this a very good episode, as it was a showcase of Frank Sutton's acting.