Gomer Pyle, U.S.M.C.

Season 2 Episode 11

A Visit From Cousin Goober

Aired Friday 9:30 PM Nov 26, 1965 on CBS

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  • Gomer gets a surprise visit from his cousin Goober.

    The episode starts as Sgt. Carter yells at Gomer for such things as being late for roll call and not pressing his pants. He warns Gomer to "Watch It." Gomer's cousin Goober shows up at the barracks, telling Gomer that he quit his job at the filling station, that he wants to try the Marines. Gomer's buddies warn Gomer to get rid of the civilian, Goober. Goober is alone in the barracks wearing a Marine uniform with brown and white shoes and his hat flipped up, as two officers are stunned by the sight. Goober refers to himself as "Gomer". The officers take "Gomer" to a psychiatrist. The psychiatrist tells Sgt. Carter that Gomer is unfit for the Marines. When Sgt. Carter tells Gomer he is leaving the Marines, Gomer stops protecting Goober and tells him about Goober. The psychiatrist tells Sgt. Carter he Thinks Goober is an imaginery friend of Gomer's who Gomer blames when things go wrong. This misunderstanding sets up some really fuunny scenes. Sgt. Carts finds Pyle outside of the barracks,as the psychiatrist finds "Pyle"(actually Goober)inside the baracks. The misunderstanding is cleared, and Sgt.Carter exclaims over and over "There is a Gober!". The psychiatrist thinks Sgt. Carter needs help. The final scene is hillarious. Goober sends Gomer a gift. A pair of brown and white shoes. Gomer, wearing his uniform in the barracks, puts them on. Sgt. Carter walks in. I thought this episode was cleverly plotted. Goober had funny lines as the misunderstanding unfolded. The conclusion was funny.
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