Gomer Pyle, U.S.M.C.

Season 5 Episode 9

Come Blow Your Top

Aired Friday 9:30 PM Nov 29, 1968 on CBS

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  • Sgt.Hacker and Sgt.Carter bet $50 that Sgt. Carter cannot go 24 hours without losing his temper.

    Sgt. Hacker tells Sgt.Carter he has no patience, and looses his temper easily, and that he is not well liked by his platoon. Gomer comes to Sgt. Carter for advise about a personal problem-his overbite. Sgt Carter looses it, yelling at Pyle. So Sgt. Hacker and Sgt.Carter bet $50 to see if Sgt.Carter can keep from blowing his top for 24 hours. Funny scenes are next as Sgt. Hacker manipulates Pyle to anger Sgt. Carter. He tells Pyle to go back to Sgt.Carter about his overbite, that Sgt. Carter was just having a bad day, and he likes to councel Gomer about his problems! Sgt. Carter holds in his anger, and then Pyle accidentally causes cofee to spill on Sgt. Carter's uniform. Hilarious to watch Sgt. Carter hold back from yelling at Pyle. Pyle leaves a rake out, and Sgt. Carter trips over it. The buildup is really good as to whether Sgt. Carter can make it to 24 hours. The frustrations for Sgt. Carter continue, like when he finds a chicken (Sgt Hacker puy it there)in Gomer's locker! Sgt. Carter gets in his jeep, goes to a hill, climbs it and screams. With just a few hours left, Sgt.Hacker tells Pyle to break in half Sgt. Carter's "prized" sword, that this will do good for Sgt. Carter, as he will be able to blow off steam(and lies to Gomer that he will have put in a fake sword instesd). Gomer does this, and Sgt.Carter holds his temper. This episode has been great throughout, but how good will the resolution be? Perfect. Sgt.Hacker is not done manipulating Pyle. With the 24 hours soon approaching, Hacker concedes the bet early, handing Gomer a note to give Sgt. Carter saying he owes Sgt. Carter $50. When Gomer gives him the the I-owe-you note, Sgt Carter looses his temper, screaming at Pyle. Hacker comes in with 5 minutes left to the 24 hours, ready to collect the $50 from Sgt. Carter. But Gomer then points out that now Hacker owes Carter $50, just as it says on the I-owe-you note that Hacker wrote! So Gomer, not approving of this gambling, is happy as nobody wins, nobody looses. I rate this episode the greatest episode of Gomer Pyle. The plot made great sense because Sgt. Carter's temper was a constant thread of the show, and the $50 bet idea has been a succesful theme of the show, and the episode was well written, with a funny, and satisfying conclusion.
  • In my opinion the absolute best Gomer Pyle episode.

    This episode had it all. By the fifth season Jim Nabors and Frank Sutton had perfected their roles as Gomer and Sgt Carter respectvely. This storyline exemplified what the entire series was about. Well respected and tough as nails Sgt Carter trying his best to maintain a top notch platoon while the often clumsy but good natured Gomer seemed to always find a way to make waves and get under the Sergeants skin. This episode featured Alan Melvin as Sgt Hacker who put in one of his best performances of the series as he enlisted the help of Gomer to make Sgt Carter blow his top and win a bet at the same time.