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question about "come blow your top"

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    This is meant to be one of the best episodes, and unfortunately here in AUS, gomer is only being aired twice a week on cable, at a cost of $US100 a month. I've seen a youtube clip of Hacker setting up Gomer to break Carters' sword (and Carter overhearing Hackers' plan, after it was broken) - but I'd like a bit of a synopsis - what does Hacker use to get Carter to lose the bet? What drives Carter to drive for miles to scream his lungs out at the top of a mountain? How does it all end up (being a 60's sitcom, I imagine that Hacker gets caught out for playing dirty and loses the bet, or maybe an ending like "chef for a day") - I'm really eager to know the outline of what happens, and really don't want to have to wait until July to see it (I've been ripped off on ebay for getting the s5 box set) - could someone please sum it up?
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