Gomer Pyle, U.S.M.C.

Season 2 Episode 17

Gomer and the Beast

Aired Friday 9:30 PM Jan 07, 1966 on CBS

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  • Gomer befriends a waitress who is being verbally abused by her boyfriend, an intimidating Seargent.

    Gomer overhears a Seargent Henchley verbally abuse his girlfriend, Ginger, a waitress at a diner, about the food,etc. This sets up a very good episode. Gomer supports Ginger as a friend, and Ginger uses Gomer to make jealous. Funny scene as Sgt. Henchley warns Sgt. Carter about one of his men in his platoon, and describes what Pyle looks like, and Sgt. Carter realizes it's Pyle. Sgt. Henchley does different displays of his strenth during the episode. Sgt. Carter warns Pyle to stay away from Ginger, but when Gomer gets to Sgt. Carter' ego by suggesting Sgt. Henchley is telling what to do, this sets up a good scene as Sgt. Carter tells Sgt. Henchley Pyle will see who he wants to see,etc. Alone with Pyle, Sgt. Carter still warns him to stay away from Ginger. Sgt. Henchley ends up demanding Pyle go out to an ally to fight, but Gomer gives him a speech instead about how unfair he is to Ginger. This sets up the best scene, a classic sitcom misunderstanding. Giner sent for an ambulance in case of troublle, and when Sgt. Carter and company see it, they asume Pyle got beat up by Sgt. to Gomer, Sgt. Henchley and Ginger make up. Sgt. Carter challenges Sgt. Henchley to a fight, thinking he has beaten up Pyle. Sgt. Carter throws wild punches, and runs in to Sgt. Henchley's fist, hurting his nose. Then a helthy Gomer walks up to Sgt. Carter to explain what happend. Funnny. I thought this was a well written and funny epioisode.
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