Gomer Pyle, U.S.M.C.

Season 2 Episode 13

Gomer Minds His Sergeant's Car

Aired Friday 9:30 PM Dec 10, 1965 on CBS

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  • Gomer is in charge of watching Sgt. Carter's car while he is away, and the car gets stolen.

    The episode starts by establishing that Sgt. Carter is very protective of his car, a 1961 Dodge. Sgt. Carter needs someone to drive him to the airport, and the only person left is Gomer. Sgt. Carter goes over things with Gomer about what not to do, including to not put the heater on, because it could make him sleepy. When Gomer comes back, the car is gone. Gomer is panicked and goes to the police station. He tells Officer Dugan that Sgt.Carter is going to "kill him dead". They finally find the car, in perfect condition. Great scene as an excited Gomer calls Duke to tell him the good news. The camera focuses on a steel ball high up at a construction site, as Gomer sees it fall right on the car, crushing it. Gomer is distraught. It turns out the construction company gives Sgt. Carter a new car. Funny scene as Gomer sees the new car and exclaims "Shazam", and Officer Dugan replies "I've never heard Shazam before, but I think he means he likes it". Sgt. Carter comes home with the AWOL Franklin, and Gomer shakes his hand and welcomes him home. Sgt. Carter explains Franlklin is not a war hero. Gomer tells Sgt. Carter his car was stolen,and tells the whole story. Sgt. Carter is happy, but lectures Gomer about leaving the car keys in the car. Franklin escapes from the handcuffs, as Sgt. Carter left the keys in the handcuffs. He is later found. I thought this was a classic episode. It was well plotted, had funny scenes.