Gomer Pyle, U.S.M.C.

Season 3 Episode 9

Gomer Pyle, Super Chef

Aired Friday 9:30 PM Nov 09, 1966 on CBS

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  • Sgt.Carter bets Sgt. Hacker that he can't teach Pyle to make a meal in a week.

    The episode starts when Carter, Hacker, and Boyle are playing cards, and Pyle brings in the wrong uniform. Instead of it being Sgt. Carter's, it is a women's uniform, Sgt. Gloria Carter's. This leads to Sgt. Carter chewing out Pyle. Then Sgt. Hacker says Pyle is not getting the special attention he needs, that Sgt. Carter doesn't have feelings for human beings, and that Sgt. Carter is crude. This irks Sgt. Carter, who yells at Hacker, and the two agree on a bet that Hacker can't teach Pyle to prepare a meal(one that people can eat)in a week. This sets up a hillarious episode. Gomer tells Sgt.Carter he will give "everything I got", and Sgt. Carter is concerned, telling Pyle to be himself. In the kitchen with Hacker, Pyle is his assistant. He wants Pyle to just stir the oatmeal. Pyle leaves the oatmeal to help a fellow with a heavy bag of potatoes, and the oatmeal overflows. Sgt. Carter complains to Hacker about the lack of oatmeal, then Gomer comes out and tells Sgt. Carter what he did. Sgt. Carter gloats to Hacker. The back and forth between Carter and Hacker throughout the episode was funny. Hacker then tells Pyle about things in the kitchen, like the stove etc. He becomes frustrated when Pyle mistakes a meat cleaver for a meat ax.Pyle proceeds to have a series of blunders. He then makes mashed potatoes and Carter asks if it was made out of cement or wallpaper.Things are looking bad for Hacker to lose the bet, and Carter rubs it in. A Colonel is comming to the mess hall, and a panicked Hacker tells Carter the bet is off, because the Colonel will want an investigation for the bad meal, which means Carter and Hacker will be in trouble. They go to the mess hall, and are too late:Pyle is bringing the meal on a tray. Sgt.Hacker says "somebody trip him". Pyle makes it to the table. Hacker and Carter argue more. Carter and Hacker are called in by the Colonel, as they both have a look of dread. The Colonel praises the meal, and Gomer explains he didn't know how to make the scheduled meal, so he made up one that his Aunt Martha made. Gomer then praises both Carter and Hacker. Great scene. Hacker wants Carter to pay the $50, but Carter points out that Hacker had called off the bet. So neithier man had to pay up. I thouht this episode was a classic. The interaction between the characters, plot, and conclusion were all terriffic. A laugh out loud episode. I rate this as one of the top 10 best Gomer Pyle episodes.