Gomer Pyle, U.S.M.C.

Season 2 Episode 14

Gomer the Peace Maker

Aired Friday 9:30 PM Dec 17, 1965 on CBS

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  • Gomer tries to reunite Sgt.Carter and his girlfriend,Bunny.

    This episode starts with Sgt. Carter and his girlfriend Bunny arguing. She is tired of going to "the little dark places". She wants to go dancing, and Sgt. Carter tells her if she wants to dance, go out with Fred Astaire. Gomer and Frankie see a sad Sgt. Carter sitting alone at a Cafe. Good scene as it apparent Sgt.Carter is not himself-he compliments Gomer and Frankie saying they deserve to go to a movie becaus they work hard.Gomer noticed Sgt. Carter's eyes were red and says there is nothind sadder then a Marine Sgt. who has been crying. A couple of misunderstandings follow. Gomer and Frankie take Bunny to see Sgt. Carter who is happy to see an old friend, who happens to be female. Bunny assumes he is having a good time without her, but as soon as his old friend leaves, Sgt. Carter is back to being depressed. Then Gomer and Frankie convince Sgt. Carter to go to Bunny's apartment so he can see how miserable she is without him. Her neighbor brings her loud party to Bunny's, and Sgt. Carter thinks Bunny is having fun without him. Throughout the episode a sad Sgt. Carter says "life is like a beer, nampkin, etc. Another misunderstanding happens when Sgt. Carter goes to a hotel to sleep. Gomer suspects Sgt. Carter may be wanting to do himself in. Sgt. Carter puts ear plugs in, and goes to sleep. This sets up a hilarious scene as Gomer, Frankie and Bunny rush to his hotel room. Sgt. Carter, with his ear plugs in, can't hear the knocking at the door. Gomer grabs an ax to smash the door down, and when they come in it appears to them Sgt. Carter is dead. Bunny leans over him, as Sgt. Carter opens his eyes and scares Bunny. Sgt. Carter and Bunny make up. I thought this was a good episode.