Gomer Pyle, U.S.M.C.

Season 2 Episode 10

Gomer the Star Witness

Aired Friday 9:30 PM Nov 19, 1965 on CBS

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  • Gomer is a witness to a car acciddent involving Sgt. Carter.

    This episode is situation comedy at it's best. The opening scene is terriffic, as Gomer walks in on Sgt. Carter looking at himself in the mirror, which annoys Sgt. Carter. Gomer asks for a pass to go to a flower show. He gives him the pass, but when Gomer suggests that they go out together, reminding Sgt. Carter they have before, Sgt. Carter says they were "accidents of fate", and proceeds to chew out Gomer. The next scene has Gomer witessing a car crash between Sgt. Carter and a big guy named Fred. Sgt. Carter and Fred get into a shouting match. Fred calls him a loud mouth. Gomer tells Fred he seen the whole thing. Gomer is excited about the prospect of being a witness in court. Sgt. Carter learns Gomer saw the accident. Corp.Boyle warns Sgt. Carter that Gomer could get back at Sgt. Carter for chewing him out by not being a good witness for him in court. Sgt.Carter has Gomer over for dinner at Bunny's,as Sgt. Carter explains to her the importance of being nice to Gomer so he won't be a hostile witness. Bunny says "you know who's hostile, I'm hostile!" Great scene as Sgt. Carter gives Gomer a speech abount friendship, and Gomer explains that the only place a friendship doesn't count is in court, because you have to tell the truth. Sgt. Carter puts Gomer on the duty roster so he won't show up to court. Gomer arrives at court late because of the duty roster, as the judge also learns from Gomer that Sgt. Carter has been good to him lately, offering a furlow and having him over for dinner. As Gomer testifies, there is another great scene, as his testimony swings from favorable to Sgt. Carter, then not favorable to Sgt. Carter, as the camera shows the expressions of Sgt. Carter. The judge dismisses the case with a warning to Fred and Sgt. Carter. The final scene is Sgt. Carter getting in another accident, and Gomer saying "I seen the whole thing, I'll be your eye witness." I thought this was a great episode, in every aspect of situation comedy. I rate this episode as being in the top 10 of best Gomer Pyle episodes.