Gomer Pyle, U.S.M.C.

Season 2 Episode 18

Grandma Pyle, Fortune Teller

Aired Friday 9:30 PM Jan 14, 1966 on CBS

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  • Sgt.Carter loses his voice yelling at Gomer, and Gomer tries to help him get his voice back, with Grandmau Pyle's help.

    Gomer is informed he has a visitor in the recreation hall,and it is Grandmau Pyle. She takes Gomer to dinner, and uses cards for fortune telling. She tells Gomer something bad is going to happen to someone close to him, and it will be Gomer's fault. The next scene, in the barracks, Sgt. Carter is lecturing the platoon, where he trips on a shoe that belongs to Gomer, and screams especially loud at Gomer. He delivers arguably his best insult ever at Gomer, telling him when he joined the marines he came in a knucklehead, and has been going down hill ever since! He screams so loud, he loses his voice, as Duke and others think that is funny, and Gomer gets congratulations. Gomer, however, feels horrible. Funny scene as Gomer offers to help Sgt. Carter, and Sgt.Carter,who has been told by the doctor to not speak for 24 hours, gives Gomer a note that Gomer read out loud. It says "get out before I kill you". Grandmau Pyle gives Gomer a remedy of hers to hopefully bring back Sgt. Carter's voice. Gomer sneaks it into Sgt.Carter's cofee. His voice comes back, but it sounds funny, like a cartoon voice. Sme good laughs from Sgt. Carter's new voice. Grandmau Pyle warns Gomer Sgt. Carter should stay right where he is, as a result of more fortune telling. Corporal Boyle encourages Sgt. Carter to go gambling in town. To keep Sgt. Carter right where is, Gomer flattens a tire on his car, takes his pants, and then has Sgt. Carter's carberator in his hands as he catches Gomer doing this. Gomer explains all. Then Corporal Boyle comes out to tell that the police made arrests where Sgt. Carter was going to gamble. Then Sgt. Carter gets his voice back. I thought this was a really good episode.
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