Gomer Pyle, U.S.M.C.

Season 1 Episode 15

Grandpa Pyle's Good Luck Charm

Aired Friday 9:30 PM Jan 01, 1965 on CBS

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  • Gomer's Grandpa gives Gomer a good luck charm to help with his confidence in leading the platoon during a marine excersise.

    Gomer gets a letter from his Grandpa Pyle, and he reads it to Duke. Grandpa writes he misses fishing with Gomer, as everytime he sees a worm he thinks of Gomer. He is comming to visit Gomer. Sgt.Carter tells his men that each will get a chance to lead the platton as part of a marine exercise. Gomer rambles on to Sgt. Carter that he does not not want to take his turn as he is concerned about dissapointing Sgt.Carter. Gomer talks with Grandpa Pyle about not wanting to lead the platoon. Grandpa suggests practice. Good scene as Grandpa wants Gomer to practice on a group of kids! They are confused by Gomer's commands, then when Grandpa Pyle demonstrates how to be a leader, he scares the kids, as they run away. Gomer has his turn to lead the platoon, and repeats the same commands too much, causing them to march into Sgt. Carter. Gomer tells Grandpa he is a failure as a leader. Grandpa gives him a metal piece that he says is a good luck charm, that Gomer's great Grandpa was a hero during the spanish-American war, etc. Gomer practices commands for Grandpa and is impressive. The best scene is when Grandpa Pyle goes to Sgt. Carter to try to get Gomer a second chance to lead the platton. When Sgt. Carter suggest to Grandpa Pyle that he can sit down, he replies that he only sits on a horse and that Sgt. Carter can sit down "if you're tired". Then Grandpa Pyle says to Sgt. Carter that he is shorter than he expected and asks if he is 6'0, which, as already established earlier in the epiode, is Gomer's height. Sgt Carter replies that he isn't 6'0. Then Grandpa makes fun of Sgt. Carter's midsection, even poking at it. Grandpa Pyle suggests that Sgt. Carter is afraid to give Gomer a second chance. His strategy works. Sgt. Carter agrees to give Gomer a second chance. Gomer is convincing this time around,except briefly when he looses the good luck charm. He gets it back and continues to be an impressive leader. Grandpa reveals to Gomer that the good luck charm did'nt come from his great Grandpa, but from the refrigerator! He made up the story to show Gomer that his leadership did'nt come from the "good luck charm" in his pocket, but from his heart. This episode starts out slowly, but gets better as it goes on. It is a cleverly written episode.