Gomer Pyle, U.S.M.C.

Season 3 Episode 23

Lou Ann Poovie Sings Again

Aired Friday 9:30 PM Feb 22, 1967 on CBS



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    • Sgt. Carter: You see, Lou Ann? That's the difference between some guys and other guys. Some guys are afraid of their own shadows, and other guys are afraid of nothing.
      Little Guy: (wolf whistles.)
      Sgt. Carter: Wait a minute! (stops.)
      Duke: What's the matter, Sarge?
      Sgt. Carter: Did you hear that? That guy whistled!
      Gomer: I didn't hear anything, Sergeant.
      Lou Ann: Me neither.
      Sgt. Carter: Well, just wait right there! (walks over to Little Guy.) Watch it, buddy, that's a lady we've got with us!
      Little Guy: What'd I do?
      Sgt. Carter: You know what you did! Just watch it for next time!
      Duke: Hey, Sarge, you're an NCO. You shouldn't get involved. Now, I can handle this guy. Listen here, buddy...
      Gomer: If you'll all just wait a minute, I think this whole thing was a big misunderstanding! (to Little Guy.) You see, when you whistled, the Sergeant here thought you were being disrespectul, but I don't. I think you were trying to pay Miss Poovie over there a nice compliment.
      Little Guy: Huh?
      Gomer: Miss Poovie's a very beautiful lady, and I don't blame any man for whistling at her when he sees her. Well, goodnight sir, and it's been nice talking to you!
      Sgt. Carter: What'd you butt in for, Pyle? And you too, Slater? That guy didn't scare me. Maybe he scared you, but he didn't scare me!
      Gomer: I know, Sergeant, but why fight if you don't have to?
      Sgt. Carter: Why? Because chivalry ain't dead! That's why, Pyle!

  • Notes

    • Elizabeth MacRae makes her second appearance as Lou Ann Poovie. Her first appearance was in Love's Old Sweet Song.

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