Gomer Pyle, U.S.M.C.

Season 1 Episode 23

Old Man Carter

Aired Friday 9:30 PM Feb 26, 1965 on CBS

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  • Sgt.Carter turns 35, and becomes self conscious about getting old.

    Gomer collects money from the platoon to get Sgt. Carter a gift for his 35th birthday. He tells a salesman that he would like to spend $100, but only has $16. The salesman can't find what Gomer wants, then,in an effort to get rid of Gomer, lets him have a watch for $16,with the inscription included. Gomer tells the salesman he"ll never forget this, and "From now all on I'll do all my shopping right here." Later, Sgt. Carter is chewing out the platoon, calling them thoughtless, forgetful pumpkin heads. Nice setup for the surprise as Sgt. Carter exclaims to Gomer "What didn't you forget, knucklehead." Then Gomer presents him with the watch. Sgt. Carter is touched by the gift. The fellows make innocent comments about Sgt. Carter being 35, such as "you're 3 years younger than my Dad", but Sgt. Carter starts to become feeling old. Funny scene as Sgt. Carter is doing deep knee bends, and his back goes out. Gomer explains that the same thing happened to his grandmau. Sgt. Carter says "I'm not you're grandmau!". Gomer tries to give Sgt. Carter confidence by putting straw in his backpack during a hike, but when Sgt. Carter finds out, it only makes things worse as he plans to take a desk job because he thinks he's too old. Then, Gomer fakes a twisted ankle so Sgt. Carter will have to carry him during a hike. Sgt. Carter carries Gomer during the hike and proves he is strong, as Gomer points out. So all ends well. Funny final scene as Gomer overhears Sgt. Carter talking to someone about the crash of 1929, then figures out, as he tells Sgt. Carter, that he is actually 36. I thought this episode had everything going for it. The plot was excellent,and there were a lot of funny scenes.
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