Gomer Pyle, U.S.M.C.

CBS (ended 1969)





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  • Gomer Pyle was a spin off from The Andy Griffith Show, about the trials and tribulations of Gomer in the Marine Corps. Throughout the series run was Sgt. Carter, who was seemingly always frustrated by Pyles actions.

    Recently, Ive had renewed interest in this series, since they began rerunning it on a local station. Gomer Pyle, USMC has to be one of the most enigmatic series of the 60s. Never really considered one of great shows, but yet not bad enough to be totally dispised. Unlike many shows of the period, it was well written by some really good writers(Harvey Miller, Bill Idelson, Fritzell& Greenbaum). In spite of what some revisionists will have you believe, The Beverly Hillbillies, Gilligans Island and The Brady Bunch have NOT aged well, but Gomer Pyle is still quite watchable. Most of the criticism comes from the fact that the show was about the Marines yet, never even mentioned the War in Vietnam. Like the show that spawned it, it seems to belong in a differant time. If you can ignore the Vietnam angle, this show is very enjoyable. And its interesting how Gomer promotes strong values without hitting you over the head, like, say, The Brady Bunch. He is a good hearted person, who ultimately turns the tables on his superiors time and time again, much like the Andy Griffith character in this shows direct inspiration, No Time for Sargents, which was about a seeming simpleton who turns out to be wiser than his superiors. Gomer is emminently likeable, somewhat child like, you cant help rooting for him. Of course, you even feel for Carter, who lets Gomer get to him. Carter is never really mean, but perhaps just ignorant of his charges nature. There are too few sitcoms today that make you think of values, fewer still that do it without a sledgehammer. Maybe its time to rethink this series. Maybe it was better than we remember.