Gomer Pyle, U.S.M.C.

Season 1 Episode 13

The Case of the Marine Bandit

Aired Friday 9:30 PM Dec 18, 1964 on CBS

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  • A mother and daughter con Gomer into robbing a liquer store!

    Sgt. Carter finds an attractive woman(Betty Ann)in a broken down car. Gomer comes on the scene, and using his experience back home at the gas station, fixes the spark plug. He mentions he never saw the rubber caps come off by accident before. This is a clue for viewers. Funny scene as Betty Ann, with only two seats in her car, picks Gomer to go with her, since he fixed the car. This frustrates Sqt. Carter. Betty Ann introduces Gomer to her mom,who determines Gomer is "perfect", to be used to rob a liquer store. Gomer is instructed to hand the clerk a note to get cooking sherry, and the clerk will give cash back. Trusting Gomer is unware that the note announces a robbery! The terrified clerk even gives Gomer his own money. Gomer talks to Sgt. Carter about " fate" and how "ain't life funny" that if Sgt.Carter had fixed Betty Ann's car, he would be going to dinner with her instead of Gomer. Sgt. Carter is jealous and makes up a story that Gomer left his bunk a mess, so he has to go back to the base, leaving Sgt. Carter alone with Betty Ann. Before leaving, Gomer gives Sgt. Carter a note, which announces the second robbery. Sgt. Carter instructs the clerk to "move it", not knowing the contents of the note. Back at Betty Ann's house with her mom there, Sgt. Carter hears on the radio the description of the marine bandit.Sgt. Great scene as the camera does a close up Sgt Carter's face, showing through facial expressions his realization the description fits him, and just at that moment a gun is put to his head. Then Gomer busts in with the police saying "shame, shame, shame," to the two con women. The tied up and gagged Sgt.Carter has to listen to Gomer explain how he figured it all out,as Gomer forgets to untie him and take the tape off his mouth. The last scene, Sgt, Carter sees another woman in a broken down car, and when he comes to her aide, discovers it is an elderley woman. I rate this a great episode.