Gone Country

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Episode Guide

  • Season 3
    • Finale
      Episode 7
      It's finale night. All the hard work, all the tears, all the pouring their hearts into their very own country songs has brought the cast of Gone Country 3 to this, their make-or-break performance before a honky-tonk crowd of thousands. Only one can win. Only one performer will get to record a country single, produced by John Rich himself.moreless
    • Episode 307
      Episode 307
      Episode 7
      The celebrities perform in front of a country crowd and John Rich chooses the winner of Gone Country 3.
    • Episode 306
      Episode 306
      Episode 6
      It's demo day and the cast gets their songs and performs them for JR and Jeffrey Steele.
    • 2/28/09
      The cast's journey is almost complete. But before they perform for Nashville, they've got to put their work on display for JR and some of Nashville's finest artists. Whoever does the best job of expressing their song on canvas will win a crucial mentor session with JR himself. And later on, JR invites smash hit country songwriter Jeffrey Steele over to help him critique the gang's original country songs. Thats right it's demo night.moreless
    • Episode 305
      Episode 5
      The cast is surprised and taken to another city to perform on an aircraft carrier.
    • Episode 304
      Episode 304
      Episode 4
      The cast gets down and dirty and then goes to drive muscle cars. Then they get mentored by Tracy Lawrence.
    • Bustin' Loose
      Episode 4
      It's hay bales and hi-jinx as John Rich dares his crew of cross-over hopefuls to get down and dirty, country-style. Then it's off to the track for some muscle-car mayhem. The gang will have to burn rubber if they want to win the prize on the other side of the checkered flag -- a mentoring session with Nashville legend Tracy Lawrence.moreless
    • 2/14/09
      Each cast member is paired with two Nashville songwriters with whom they will be writing throughout the series and get to work on their country singles. After a rousing songwriting session, Rich puts their country music knowledge to the test, sending the crew on a scavenger hunt through downtown Nashville rewarding one cast member with a mentoring session from a country crossover artist.moreless
    • Episode 303
      Episode 303
      Episode 3
      The cast meets their esteemed country writers. Then, their knowledge of country music history is tested in Nashville.
    • 1/31/09
      Arguments ensue as the cast attempts to collaborate on a challenge that is new this season, writing an ensemble country song as a group. After tensions mount, John Rich sends the cast deep into the woods for a team building exercise that teaches one cast member an unforgettable lesson and brings the group closer together.moreless
    • Episode 302
      Episode 302
      Episode 2
      The cast meets their country writers and then go to play poker.
    • 1/24/09
      John Rich has done it again. He's gathered seven celebrities from the world of music and entertainment and set up them up, country style, in a Nashville mansion. Before they can even unpack, JR tosses surprise after surprise at them, immersing them deep into the Music City lifestyle so they can write and perform their very own country tune. Only one of them can win the competition: a chance to have JR produce their very own single for country radio.moreless
    • Episode 301
      Episode 301
      Episode 1
      The new cast of seven moves into their new home, but before they can get settled, JR sets up some surprises for them. They go to the Country Music Hall of Fame and then perform in front of a country audience.
  • Season 2
  • Season 1