Gone Country

Friday 8:00 PM on CMT - Country Music Television Premiered Jan 25, 2008 In Season


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  • entertaining...

    I don't really know any of the singers/artists on this show that are competing...I guess that's just because they're all the artists that couldn't make it in the business. Anyways, this show is actually quite entertaining. I like John Rich as the host and he seems so real and funny. I don't really like the set up of the show very much. It seems very rushed and they spend more time on country lifestyle than they do on the actual music. However, I always crack up laughing when I watch the show and it's a great pick - me - up show.
  • I was not disappointed.

    I kinda got an American Idol/ Dances with the Stars feel. Like, we are watching them perform and also watching them work hard, rehearse, and just live day to day.

    I personally liked it that John Rich is bringing these big city stars to meet the wide open spaces. Letting them know what the country folks go through.

    I am sorry to say, I do not no any of these people. I know Maureen from Brady Bunch but that is it. The only reason I am even watching this is solely because of JOHN RICH. I do see something happening for the ladies and Julio. We will soon find out who can really go country.

  • I think this will turn into a guilty pleasure of mine.

    So episode 1. Comin' To My City. I thought it was a good episode. You have Dee Snider, Carnie Wilson. Maureen McCormick, Julio Eglesias Jr., Bobby Brown, Dian DeGarmo, and Sisqo. Dee and his coffee pot, so funny. He better get some coffee stat! Bobby looks pretty good, he is such a better performer when he isn't all messed up. Carnie will spice up the place, she isn't one to stay quiet. I think she has a thing for John Rich. We shall see how that plays out! Maureen, she is going to cry alot. But she is sweet and seems so thankful for the opportunity. Julio Jr. no clue what to think about this. Sisqo seems out of his league maybe he will prove me wrong. I have no idea about Diana. John Rich seems very cool. They all sat down for a family dinner. John let them know that he will pick one of them to go into the studio and John will produce one song for that peron and it will play on country stations! So whoever writes the best song will get to do that. Very cool.