Goober and the Ghost-Chasers

ABC (ended 1973)


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Goober and the Ghost-Chasers

Show Summary

Ghost Chasers is a magazine that employs Gilly, Ted, and Tina as investigators of the paranormal. Accompanying them on their adventures is Goober, an alarmingly skinny dog who wears a winter hat as a plot contrivance. You see, whenever Goober gets scared, he turns invisible-except for the hat. The gang chase all sorts of frightening baddies-spirits, mummies, werewolves, etc. However, most of the villains turn out to be of the human variety, merely disguised as ghosts a la Scooby-Doo. The show also features members of the ABC night time sitcom The Partridge Family as guest stars. The characters of Laurie, Danny, Chris, and Tracy are voiced by the actors who portrayed them on the sitcom-Susan Dey, Danny Bonaduce, Brian Foster and Suzanne Crough, respectively.