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Good Afternoon America

Weekdays 2:00 PM on ABC Premiered Jul 09, 2012 Between Seasons



User Score: 260


Good Afternoon America Fan Reviews (6)

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  • Painfully bad

    I only could watch half of it. I love GMA but this new adventure was too fast paced as if they were talking faster by the minute. Also, we don't need one more talk show. Won't even turn it on again. I like both of them on GMA, but they seemed sooooooooooo nervous or something.
  • Really bad

    uncomfortably bad.
  • GAA - not as good as GMA

    So far I am not impressed. It feels like the Afternoon show is too fast paced trying to cover too much in one hour. I felt as if Josh & Lara (I adore both of them) just talked to fast & talked too much ! I did not care for the "Special" Man/Woman guests to address a question of the day.

    RELAX - stick to what you both do so well - be yourselves- present the news, fashion, etc. just like you do on GMA!
  • Light for After Work

    I agree with pampmv. I DVR this show and watch it after work while I'm making dinner and puttering around. It's light fare, and I like the way Josh and Lara banter. Josh is VERY easy on the eyes :-)

    Maybe there's a market for light shows in the 5:00 to 8:00 pm time slot for people who prefer to not watch the news after work?
  • Entertaining

    I like Good Afternoon America. After working all day, I look forward to coming home to watch the show that I have taped. It is great, very entertaining, funny, up to date news. I really like the two co-hosts and the interesting guests and games. I think it's a great show and will continue taping and watching.
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