Good Day Live

Weekdays 7:00 AM on Premiered Jun 18, 1993 In Season





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  • Perfect for show!

    This should be the lead in song for "Good Day Live". Written a few years ago by Jordan and Josh Wirth

    "It's a good day" by the Brothers Wirth

    http:// www. youtube. com/watch?v=fbFgMSbrZkc&feature=share

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  • Very annoying.

    This has to be one of the most annoying shows in daytime television. The new stories that are often topics for the show are often butchered and not taken seriously by its hosts and most of the time is downplayed by the annoying bits and pieces of the show. Having watched this show once or twice, it seems like they don't really care and are just content on being borderline chat and talk. The only thing that is entertaining is the way that they can make themselves look worse by their antics and their inability to report stories and have decent conversations. Thank you.
  • Hello, At the moment, we do not have tv,or satellite. My only link to the news is by radio or on my computer. There is another reason I'm writing this evening. My 17yr. old stepdaughter,Julianna Dannielle Smith,is missing.

    Julianna goes mostly by Julie,Jewels,anna,lonely gurl. She has been telling ppl that she was being abused by myself and her father. She's never even been spanked. I was under the impression that we had finally formed a bond that I was convinced, could never be broken. I have so much to tell and only have a 255 character maximum allowance to write this.
    If someone could email me at the email address I've provided,I can give a more detailed story She is on formal probation and was placed at a group home in Apple Valley,California, in hopes she would get the help from professionals that we could not offer her. She suffers from bipolar disorder,severe emotional disturbance,o.c.d., and a.d.d., She is also a cutter. She went missing about a week ago, and the only person to hear from her,is her younger sister,who is also in a group home for teens with babies. This was because she,too is bipolar. Julie has a myspace account,and the url is as follows; She is 5'4" tall, weight about 165 lbs,has red hair,naturally very curly that she sometimes dyes black and ties in a bun,at the nape of her neck. She has very poor vision,and pretty bad hygeine habits. Both of her ears are pierced, and she's pretty thick in the legs and ankles. She's a pretty girl,but doesnt think so. We need your help in finding her.She has a warrant issued for her arrest and the warrant # is;DL-022330. If someone could contact us by phone to help us in finding her, we would be very grateful. i believe that no one could do this better than Jillian,Steve, and Dorothy Lucey. Our phone numvber is;7142438737. We live in Anaheim very close to Knotts Berry Farm. I'm here everyday Monday - Friday,and most of the time on the weekends. Thank you for having such great shows that keep us so informed,and entertained.Sincerely,Cindy L. McGuire.
  • need to replace the old man.

    Hi, I\\\'m a 33 year old female. I watch your show once in a while. And like today, I sometimes get annoyed by the old man that\\\'s on the show. Like today, he cut Jillian off when she was trying to say something about the NFL conference call. She was mentioning something b/c she knows something about the NFL and he just blew it off like \\\'what would she know about football, being a female\\\'. he\\\'s got attitude.....he needs to go. get someone in there with a little bit of a fresh personality....i\\\'m bored most of time when he opens his mouth.
  • Comedic, live morning(ish) show.

    This was the funniest morning show on the air, back when it was on the air. While the networks fill the screens with dull recipes aimed at middle-aged housewives, Good Day Live's enegertic personalities consistently cracked us up. Dorothy's motherhood stories were actually funny and interesting, Jillian was a fashionable, skinny chick who was actually funny, and we could all feel bad for Steve (as we laughed at him, of course). They made entertainment news actually worth watching.
  • Great show

    I watched Good Day Live every single day. It kept me up-to-date on entertainment news as well as national events. Steve Edwards handled the hard news stories and Dorothy Lucey and Jillian Barberie handled the entertainment and fashion portions. For some idiotic reason, both Jillian and then Dorothy were fired from the national show (though both remain on the L.A. version) and replaced with Debbie Matenopolous and Arthel Neville. While I like Debbie and Arthel it was foolish to bring them on. Apparently I'm not the only one who thought so because six months after they came aboard, Good Day Live was cancelled. I wish it would come back. I really miss watching it everyday.
  • Good Day Live, although it had it's faults, was a warming morning show that should never have gone off of the air.

    Good Day Live had one main news caster, Steve Edwards (who was the voice of reason on the show) and two co-presenters, Debbie Matunopolous and Arthel Neville. Good Day Live had it's faults, and seeing as it was unscripted, and went on air live, it's understandable. I don't usually go in for these kind of day time/news/talk shows, but I admit, I was quite sad when this show went off the air. If you ever saw a couple of episodes you may have thought 'why am I watching this?" but once you got to know the presenters, they became like friends. Sad to see it's over, but it had a good long run.
  • Good Day Live was an 1 hour long show hosted by Steve Edwards,Jillian Barberie, & Dorthey Lucey from KTTV-TV FOX11 Los Angelas. Later in the series they hierd Debbie (The View) & Arthel (A Current Affair).

    I thoght Good Day Live was a great show. Steve,Jillian, & Dorthey where perfect with each other. I admit they where sometimes annyning but they where very funny. I thought fiering both Jillian & Dorthey was the death of this series. Hiring Debbie & Arthel where a hobbible editions to this show. I still thought it was a good show overall.