Good Deal with Dave Lieberman

Saturday 1:30 PM on Food Network Premiered Apr 16, 2005 Between Seasons


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Episode Guide

  • Season 4
    • Frozen Gems
      Frozen Gems
      Episode 13
      Dave shows us how to utilize the frozen meats in the freezer to be delicious using slow cooking, as well as sharing some freezer storage tips.
    • Dave's Favorite Cities
      Dave shows viewers how to capture the essence of the diverse foods of America without blowing your budget.
    • Dave's Home Bakery
      Dave's Home Bakery
      Episode 11
      Dave skips the long lines and early mornings at the local bakery by baking his own fresh pastries--at home.
    • Roots Rock
      Roots Rock
      Episode 10
      Dave devotes this episode to the lesser known root vegetables of the produce aisle, such as radishes and celery. He proves that they are versatile and delicious.
    • Food Bank Thanksgiving
      Dave shares his easy, versatile Thanksgiving recipes in a meal he cooks for the New York Food Bank.
    • Mom's Asian Light Dishes
      Dave's mother and some of her friends want to lose weight through light, healthy meals. Dave demonstrates some of his favorite healthy Asian recipies.
    • Dave Does Dad's Holiday Favorites
      Dave prepares some of his father's favorite Christmas dishes in honor of the holidays.
    • Dave's Bean Feast
      Dave demonstrates a variety of dishes with beans, from Mediterranean to Mexican styles, proving that they are healthy and economical.
    • Yesterday's Bread
      We all have leftover bread, so why not make something with it?
    • Pasta Three Ways
      Pasta Three Ways
      Episode 4
      Everyone knows how to make pasta, but these dishes are delicious, easy, and cheap.
    • Soups
      Episode 3
      Dave shows how versatile soups can be by creating hearty soups that can serve as a main course while having the cost of an appetizer. Also, Dave makes large post of soups, freezes them in portions, and heats them up whenever he is in the mood for soup. Delicious!
    • All Night Roasting Party
      Dave tells how to maximize the use of inexpensive ingredients and achieve great taste while saving time. Instead of waiting to cook your roast of choice, Dave suggests slow-cooking it all night.
    • Grandma's Visit
      Grandma's Visit
      Episode 1
      Dave and his grandma make some of her old favorite recipes and collaborate to make a new one.
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