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Food can be fun! That's the message of Good Eats, where host Alton Brown explores the ways that food is prepared and the whys of food science. Along the way he and his cast of characters and experts slip in history, comedy, pop references, and (most of the time) a generous pinch of kosher salt. If you want to go beyond what to do into why you do it, then tune in to Good Eats on the Food Network!

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  • love your show!

    funny and informational

  • Like Bill Nye the Science Guy... But with Food

    Most cooking shows are just cooks cooking food and showing how to make them. Good Eats on the other hand, goes deeper. Alton not only makes food and shows us how to make them, but he also shows the science behind the created food and food history itself, and with humor. So while you're learning to cook an awesome dish, you're also learning science and history and you'll have fun while learning.moreless
  • I wish my home ec teacher had been as much fun as Alton ...

    I might have started cooking long before I finally did. Love Good Eats - great recipes and excellent explanations of why things happen the way they do in cooking, great tips on appliances, pots and pans, gadgets. His enthusiasm and passion is contagious.
  • Love Alton Brown.

    Love the way he brakes down everything. Very informative.
  • This show is excellent. Combines food and science for the perfect mix.

    Good eats is the perfect mixture of food and science. It also provides history on many of the foods and I am a history major so it is very informative for me. I love they he brings science of the food to the forefront. Good Eats is very unique because no other show the the art and science behind the foods. He shows you how to prepare the food, how to season the food, how to cook the food and how to serve the food. This very informative to people who like cooking and any one who cooks. I feel that Alton Brown shows his dedication to food science. His enthusiasm for properly can be felt.moreless
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