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  • love your show!

    funny and informational

  • Like Bill Nye the Science Guy... But with Food

    Most cooking shows are just cooks cooking food and showing how to make them. Good Eats on the other hand, goes deeper. Alton not only makes food and shows us how to make them, but he also shows the science behind the created food and food history itself, and with humor. So while you're learning to cook an awesome dish, you're also learning science and history and you'll have fun while learning.
  • I wish my home ec teacher had been as much fun as Alton ...

    I might have started cooking long before I finally did. Love Good Eats - great recipes and excellent explanations of why things happen the way they do in cooking, great tips on appliances, pots and pans, gadgets. His enthusiasm and passion is contagious.
  • Love Alton Brown.

    Love the way he brakes down everything. Very informative.
  • This show is excellent. Combines food and science for the perfect mix.

    Good eats is the perfect mixture of food and science. It also provides history on many of the foods and I am a history major so it is very informative for me. I love they he brings science of the food to the forefront. Good Eats is very unique because no other show the the art and science behind the foods. He shows you how to prepare the food, how to season the food, how to cook the food and how to serve the food. This very informative to people who like cooking and any one who cooks. I feel that Alton Brown shows his dedication to food science. His enthusiasm for properly can be felt.
  • Alton Brown's 'Good Eats' is one of the best shows that combine food and science.

    Seriously one of the best cooking shows out there. Alton Brown has an undeniably amiable charisma, paired along with his food science savvy dialog, which makes him one of the best teachers out there. His shows always include some form of costumes, props, and pop culture, which makes his shows hilarious, but educational at the same time. Anyone who watches an episode of Good Eats which definitely become hooked. His dry sense of humor is perfect, and the witty banters between him and the motley crew of charatcers in his show are perfectly executed. There is something for everyone of every age.
  • A truly unique cooking show.

    Alton Brown knew how he was supposed to do it. Everyone knows how you are supposed to do it. You make a cooking show by putting on an apron and saying to the camera; "Hello and welcome, to day we are going to make..." and then make it. Its simple, its easy, its boring. He knew how to do it he just refused to do so. Instead he created a show that does more than just prepare a recipe. Instead Brown uses clever visuals, humor and characters to teach about food and cooking in general. His shows seem to be less inclined toward teaching the viewer to make a dish than it is to making people comfortable in a kitchen. In doing so his show has become one of my all time favorites. I was a pretty accomplished cook before I started watching Good Eats but watching has made me a better cook. The show has expanded my horizons and has introduced ingredients and methods of cooking I would have never even considered. I certainly would never have considered making homemade marshmallows before the show but I did and they were incredible.

    I hope Alton keeps putting out great shows for years to come. He took a stayed boring formula and made it cool and exciting.
  • Best cooking show by far

    I love that when I turn on Good Eats, even if its not an ingredient or method I'll ever be using, I know that'll I'll be both entertained and informed. Its not just about the information, but the way in which Alton presents it. It does tend to come at a fairly rapid pace but its all presented in such a way that even my kids (ages 12 and 9) can grasp the reasons and science.

    I find Alton has a lot of chemistry in front of the camera, which something that a lot of TV chefs should have but simply don't. Good Eats isn't dry or hard to swallow and I find it has a fair amount of repeatability both for the fun factor and because there is often so much information conveyed that you'll find something you miss.

    My favorite so far is the "mockumentary" Leftovers episode, mainly because I have friends from Canada who've lived in Georgia during the winter and a few inches of snow really does paralyze the area (or so they told me).
  • Hilariously awkward and original show

    Bret and Jemaine are very funny, very talented musicians and actors. The premise of this show is that two gawky, borderline incompetent New Zealanders move to the Big Apple in search of musical stardom. The supporting cast (Murray, Mel, Dave, and others) are all top-notch. During my time at Ohio State, I was lucky enough to see Bret and Jemaine in concert and they out on a fantastic show. At first, I thought the conceit of having FOTC's original songs in an episode would be gimmicky, they managed to pull it off. My personal favorite songs are 'Most Beautiful Girl in the Room', 'Mutha Uckas', and 'Prince of Parties'. Flight of the Conchords is one of the three funniest shows on television right now.
  • This is the best cooking show out there!!!!

    When many people think famous chefs who have shows, they think Emril or Paula, but I think Alton Brown. Good Eats is one of the best cooking shows out there, and this is coming from A GUY! This show not only teaches you how to cook food, but also teaches you about some of the other things that happen when you cook the food. The show is educating AND funny!!!! A combo that you rarely see anywhere else!!! The episodes are well thought out in advance, and aren't just random. If you like cooking, education, or just food itself this show's for you. If you haven't seen an episode yet or if there any naysayers out there, give this show a try. You'll be hooked in no time! Good Eats deserves a 10!
  • I love love love this show.

    So stinking funny! I love this show. I don't know if any of the recipes are any good, because I don't try to make them, but the show is great, and it's good to learn stuff on the food channel. I love shows like this, and this is my favorite on Food Network. Alton Brown always cracks me up, whether he's on Iron Chef, Good Eats, or Feasting on Asphalt. This show needs to keep running for a while. And I love how he tries to make the most of one tool, the "multi-taskers". It's great to not be overrun by kitchen tools while you are in the kitchen, and not having to search and search for a single tool. Good Eats is wonderful. :)
  • You've gotta love this show

    Good Eats has got to be one of my all time favorite shows and that is pretty impressive for a cooking show. This isn't any ordinary cooking show it's a very well thought out show that actually shows and explains some American and even foreign foods. I love how Alton Brown actually brings all of the things about the food down to a science, even though I don't understand some of the things he says the fact that he goes through all of that is still amazing. And the cool thing also is that even with all of the teaching and explaining he still has time to show some recipes. If u haven't seen this show I do highly recommend it.
  • Answers not just the "How's?" but the "Why's?" of cooking

    Alton explains it all. From where exactly a cut of beef is from on the cow to how tortillas are made. Each episode focuses on one main ingrediant or dish. And then only two or three recipies are made. But what make's this show so great is the explainations. The reasoning behind using ingredeants or cooking methods. For example the reason that you keep kneading dough is the same reason you don't want to overstir waffles... Gluten. You want the flour to form it in bread so that it holds its shape when it rises, but you don't want it to toughen up you waffles. The lessons learned from each episode can then be applied to dozens of recipess, allowing you to know what your doing when you are playing around with your own cooking.
  • Through thick and thin, one cooking show has withstood the tests of time. That show is... Good Eats!

    I must say out of all the show that I watch on Food Network, this is my absolute favorite. It ties with Ed, Edd n' Eddy as my number 1 favorite show. Why? Well, Alton Brown doesn't just show you how to cook the food, he adds fun, flair and my favorite, science. That's right, science is why I watch this show. I can already hear people groan. It's okay. AB makes the science fun and exciting. Why, I've been known to be watching his show on demand at 2 am in the morning, or watching it on Food Network at that time. I watch it so much that people call me AB Jr. So I give Good Eats a 10/10 and to all of you who hate cooking shows, watch this guy and he'll change your mind. Because with a dollap of science and pinch of fun, this cooking show can only be called.... Good Eats!
  • Wow watching Alton Brown and how he acts and makes food fun. I enjoy cooking and get things that I never knew before about so many different foods... all I can say is THANKS ALTON!!! Happy New Year All.

    Every time I see that this show is on I stop what Im doing just to watch it. He has only gotten better over the years. I did not know that this show has been on since 1999. I have many of these shows I have to catch up on. I have always loved to cook and learn more about this. I do not want to go to Cooking school, but love to learn more about all types of foods and what you can use them for. Hope all enjoy this show as much as I do. Just another great show to watch and learn.
  • Very cool show.

    I love this show. One of my favorite shows on the Food Network. Alton Brown is very odd in someways, but I imagine he does this on purpose for the show. He usually adds science into the show when foods cook. Also I like the food facts it shows before the commerical break. All the food he makes on the show looks good. I have nothing else to say about this show. I'm just writing this to fill up my one-hundred word count. I wish it was maybe fifty-word count because I'm just going to repeat the same thing over and over again.
  • How fantastic is this show? At nearly 16 years old, one would think I would be watching MTV or the CW like other girls, but I can't get enough of Good Eats.

    I like baking, and so one day this summer I turned to the Food Network to maybe pick up a good recipe to try on a rainy day. Instead, I discovered Good Eats, which quickly replaced Unwrapped as my favorite show on the Food Network. (The sock puppets helped draw me in, I won't lie.) Good Eats is listed as News/Documentary, but it's so much more! Generally I dislike cooking shows, because many are, quite frankly, kind of boring. Good Eats, however, informs AND entertains, which doesn't happen to me enough, I think. This show has to be among the zaniest I've ever seen (I really like the pop culture references) and the trivia and science tidbits I've picked up aren't perhaps the most life changing I will ever encounter, but they're certainly interesting! I daresay my non-baker friends are tired of me telling them things I've learned from Good Eats, but my mom (who now often watches the show with me and marvels at Alton Brown's kitchen skills) is very excited that I'm watching television that's somewhat educational. Plus, if nothing else, saying something like British people eat, on average, 3 times as much chocolate as Americans is a pretty decent conversation starter (better than "nice weather we're having", anyway).

    All told, Good Eats is a fantastic program, and Alton Brown is the perfect host (he reminds me so much of Bill Nye the Science Guy for some reason, and Good Eats reminds me of that television show- another reason I like it.) It's a good thing my family likes to eat, because I think I'll be watching this show and trying out the recipes for myself for a long time.
  • Good Eats is both fun and informative.

    Anyone who has ever watched a science program aimed at kids knows how fun and informative they can be. For some reason, however, a lot of that feeling is lost when the target audience of a program is adults. Don't adults like TV that is as fun to watch as it is informative?

    Good Eats reintroduces the joy of learning to adult TV and teaches viewers about the science behind some of our favorite foods through the use of simple props and classic story lines. Alton Brown is an engaging host who presents the facts in a simple, light way without talking down to his audience and, what's more, his recipies really work!

    I think its fun to know the "why it works" along with the "what to do" when it comes to cooking. Here's to Good Eats for teaching me in a way that holds my attention and makes me laugh.
  • A show with imformative and fun ways to make food. Also it tells were things were born at. Such as beer he tells you were beer was first originated. By he I mean no other than chef Alton Brown. He is a wonder in the kitchen.

    I would haft to say that the show Good Eats is remarkable! It encourages kids to cook in the kitchen also adults. With its cunning way of teaching the values of food in the kitchen. I give this show an A+ for being os imformative and fun! Example: Say you want to go to a picnic but you haft to bring food to go to the picnic. Alton Brown made a semi refrigerator in which it can heat food and cool food as well it would keep your food fresh and warm for the whole picnic.Keep watching Good Eats and have a nice day!
  • Yay!

    I'm so glad someone finally put a show together that mixes up cooking with science, finding good equipment, and some good ol' fashioned fun. It's about time!

    I've been watching this show for years now, and must say that it's one of my favourite cooking shows ever. Because it's more than just plain cooking (see above).

    I love the characters and experts that pop in during each episode, and the fact that AB doesn't seem to take himself too seriously. Honestly, any grown man who will appear on television being "eaten" by pocket-pie dough can't be too bad.

    Some people might say that there isn't enough cooking happening on this cooking show needs to remember-hey! Learning is fun! And let me just say that a goodly number of the recipes on this show are ones that I might actually (and HAVE actually) used in my own kitchen. I can't say that for many other shows, even if I'm a recovering food-television addict.

    That and his "cooking stuff" expert is really his chiropractor. Who knew?
  • About as good as food gets! Also as about as good as any cooking show gets! Alton Brown and the show creators have made the perfect food series!

    Since 1999, Food Networks show, "Good Eats" hosted by Alton Brown, has been delighted both our tastebuds and food lovers. To me, it is the one cooking show, I could actually sit down and enjoy watching. Mr. Brown does a great job at entertaining us with facts, figures, history, and quirky funny events, while making simple, but tastey delectable dishes for all to enjoy. They have added a good array from breakfast foods, lunches, snacks, dinners, and desserts. :) It alsways different and fun fresh and new. It's got solid good quality entertainment value, and if fruitcakes were a good thing, this show would be the best solid fruitcake of all. The only possible problem if you in a rush and just want the recipe fast, well you'll have to wait for all his funny things he does. So now, go make a cake, or some zesty UBER Burritoes... uber...uberio...uh..berito...uberito. a berito....a burrito. Go make a Uberito today and check out the best cooking show in my mind, "Good Eats."
  • I know it's strange for a teenage guy to love a half-hour cooking show but Alton Brown is zany!

    I know it's unusual for a teenage guy to watch a cooking show but "Good Eats" is zany. Alton Brown is NOT your average half-hour cooking show host! When he did a show on seafood recipes he did the show wearing a lobster costume. When he made french toast, giant eggs and bread slices fell from the sky.There are talking chickens. He becomes the superhero Cinniman (cinnemmon). There's the character "The Lady of the Fridge." He sometimes rides a motorcycle into the kitchen. He constantly argues haluriously with the "Kitchen Equipment Lady". I laugh from beginning to end and I actually learn something too! Check it out. It's not your mothers cooking show.
  • Food done right!

    He has the "IT" factor, the magnetism, and everything he says has a supportive nature to it, as if he's talking with you personally. If I could I would thank him for helping make me into a quite competent cook, with a few unorthodox recipes in my catalog. One of my favorite parts of his shows are the history he provides with all his meals, unlike all other cooking shows that focus on their personal stories, he gives information that is nice to know, and is fun to share with friends. While the meals he prepares are not as easy as he does, they are a great joy to watch, and it is one of the rare shows on TV where there is no negative, just good energy beginning to end.
  • Alton Brown is the perfect host for this awsome show!

    This is the only cooking show that i watch, because its much more than a cooking show. this show is one of the funniest and informative shows ive ever known. It separates itself from other cooking shows because Aton Brown doesnt just tell you what to do, he tells you why. This show uses easy to understand symbols to teach about food, like puppets. This show has a lot of little jokes in it that keep it in a flow from the start to the end. these jokes are the foundation of the whole show, and thats what makes it so popular.
  • MMMmmmmm Now that is Good Eats!

    First time I watched this show he had a guy in a guy in a large Head of Lattice costume. This show is really quirky and funny at times. Like the show on garlic with the vampire. Yet as it makes you LOL it also teaches you allot about food. I have loved every one of the shows even the ones were he has made stuff that I would NEVER eat. I watch allot of food network, I take ideas from the shows. Yet I have made quite a few dishes from his show. I think most people take him as just a nut ball and not as a saris Chef. I find that unfair. I know people that will not watch him because of his playing games. Yet I know many people like to watch just for that reason. I say if they can learn something as you are entreated at the same time why not?
  • I am a vegan and I even watch every episode--even the ones on cheese and meat.

    This show is unbelievably entertaining. High camp and good food! Silly story lines, people is strange costumes, Alton running around like a mad scientist. Its like HR pufnstuf meets Julia Child. So informative! Sure, some of Alton's jokes hurt they are so bad, but that just makes me like him more. I would kill for some of the gadgets he has. I love it when Shirley Corriher and W are on the show--it just adds to the entertainment for me. Who cares if I can't eat half of the stuff that Alton makes? I love the show anyway! So there.
  • Good show

    I really enjoy this show which irritates my family they say I have really werid tastes in TV. I have always belived if it's interesting and entertaining i woudl watch it whether it is werid or not. And I think Good Eats is very entertaining. I also like the science content I always like to learn a little something every once in a while and while its not your average cooking show it does give you a good idea to the science as well as the hitory and culture of many popular foods. One of my favorite shows on today
  • A great cooking show that mixes cooking and the science involved.

    Alton Brown is my fav. food network cook. He is fun and quirky. Every episode he has a new food topic. He found how to mix actually learning about the ingredients you are using to create the dishes and their history with making delicious fun and easy food. Each episode also kinda has a plot which makes it different and unique from other cooking shows. The recipies he makes are easy and the ingredients cheap and easy to find unlike some of the ingredients other cheifs use on thier shows. The bottom line is this show is fun to watch for cooks any age.
  • Join TV chef and former cameraman Alton Brown as he makes food fun!!! Learn the history and science of a new food every episode, made funny by A.B. and Co's antics.

    Most of today's cooking shows are quite conventional, and at that, mundane. Why, turn to Food Network and there will likely be a cooking show on where all that happens is the chef throws a few ingridients in a bowl, doesn't give you measurements or why they're even in there, then shows you what it looks like when it's done. And repeats. Sadly, most shows have entered this monotonous black hole. But not Good Eats. Every show is packed chalk full of food history, warm humour, great-looking dishes, and the science behind it all. Alton explains the inner workings of each dish and it's ingredients right down to the mollecular level, so you know exactly why you should add sugar when beating egg whites and exactly the reason that extra brown sugar makes a chewier cookie. Great show!!!
  • e=MCyum.

    Food and science is the best television combination since forever. Who would of thought the two would've formed such a beautiful union. Sure sometimes all of those science terms, and science based visuals get a little confusing for my semi-remidial little head, but overall its a great, even educational show. The perfect host, for the perfect science-y show, too. If Alton Brown weren't the host, the show wouldn't be believeable. It'd be boring, lame even. It'd be NOT the perfect union of food and science. 2 things, one of which is my favorite thing, ((food, duh)), would've been brought to great shame and embarrasment if it weren't for, The Great One. The Master. Alton Brown. Mmm, Good Eats.
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