Good Girls Don't - Season 1

Oxygen (ended 2004)


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  • I Never
    I Never
    Episode 8
    Marjorie decides to tutor a teenage girl. Jane, never wanting to give anything back, helps herself to the young girl's boyfriend. Lizzie looses her acting job due to the fact that she is not hot enough.
  • Help Me, Help You
    Help Me, Help You
    Episode 7
    Marjorie is angry from rescuing Jane from her crazy predicaments. When Marjorie starts to date a big Hollywood producer, Marjorie does not want Jane to mess the relationship. Jane reveals to Marjorie that the producer is a lying cheating gopher. Then later Marjorie & Jane both plot revenge against the producer, both get help from Lizzie. Also Davis gets Ben to sell a sex tape so Davis can buy a motorcycle.moreless
  • Oh, Brother
    Oh, Brother
    Episode 6
    Marjorie is so excited that her brother Tim is coming to visit. Marjorie thinks that Tim is going to admit that he is gay. But when Tim & Jane jump in the sack together, the whole thing gets ruined for Marjorie. Ben finds a new girl and starts to date her, Lizzie gets jealous of her. When he finds out Lizzie is jealous he dumps his dream girl. But later Lizzie admits that she is not interested in Ben.moreless
  • The Big O
    The Big O
    Episode 5
    Jane's new boyfriend works at a sex club. And Marjorie reveals that she can not have an orgasm with a new guy, Marjorie's high school sweet heart can't even make the orgasm work for Marjorie. So then later Jane asks a sex icon, Mistress Persephone for help. Also Davis buys a new bed for Ben.moreless
  • Sole Mates
    Sole Mates
    Episode 4
    Marjorie buys some nice looking shoes for a teachers' awards banquet. When Marjorie finds out Jane keeps stealing them. Marjorie asks Davis to hind them for her. When Lizzie finds out she is not invited, she steals the shoes. Also Davis's pot gets stolen.
  • Addicted to Love
    Addicted to Love
    Episode 3
    Jane convinces Marjorie to go to a Sexaholics meeting so she can meet her latest crush. And Davis hooks up Ben with a sexy model who is practicing how to be a witch.
  • Whatever Happened to Jane's Baby?
    Jane starts to date a guy who has a thing for pregnant women. He thinks Jane is pregnant. When Jane starts to like him, she does a fake pregnancy. Which goes way out of hand.
  • My Best Friend Is a Big Fat Slut
    Marjorie and Jane are best friends who come from Minnesota to live in LA. A slut is born when Jane gets dumped by her boy friend and when Marjorie encourages her to go back on dates again, Jane stars sleeping with every guy she meets.