The Good Life - Season 3

BBC (ended 1978)


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  • The Last Posh Frock
    Various people mistake Barbara for a man, causing her to doubt her femininity, and when she accidentally tears her last good dress, she becomes distraught. Tom compounds things by fawning over an elegantly dressed dinner guest, but then tries to make up by buying her another dress.
  • Whose Fleas are These?
    The Goods find they have fleas, which they initially believe are from their animals. Then they remember that they have just been next door to the Leadbetters.
  • The Wind-Break War
    The Wind-Break War
    Episode 5
    The Goods are furious when they learn that Margo is planning to put up a large wind-break that will shade their new fruit patch. Mix-ups occur when they ask her to site it elsewhere. To repair their friendship, they have dinner accompanied by bottles of the Goods' Peapod Burgundy, causing them to regain their sense of humour.moreless
  • I Talk To The Trees
    A fellow allotment holder claims that talking and playing music to his plants gives better yields, so Tom decides to do a scientific experiment, enlisting Barbara's help. Unfortunately, playing music to the crops in the back garden threatens to sour their relationship with Margo, who is standing for election as president of the local amateur operatic society.moreless
  • A Tug of the Forelock
    The need for some means of transport to replace the broken trolley causes Tom to modify the rotavator. To pay for its fuel, the Goods decide to take temporary work as domestic staff... with the Leadbetters.
  • The Happy Event
    The Happy Event
    Episode 2
    Perky gives birth to her litter, which includes a runt, in the middle of the night, observed by the Goods & Leadbetters. Sentimentality overcomes practicality, and they decide to try to help the runt survive. Jerry is stopped for speeding on the way to hospital to obtain some oxygen.
  • The Early Birds
    The Early Birds
    Episode 1
    The pressure of work sowing the new season's crops requires the Goods to make the most of the daylight hours. The disturbance of their early morning work sours their friendship with the Leadbetters, and their attempts to go to bed early meet with a variety of frustrations.
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