The Good Life - Season 4

BBC (ended 1978)


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Episode Guide

  • When I'm 65
    When I'm 65
    Episode 9
    Tom worries that they haven't made provision for their old age, when they'll be too infirm to follow their self-sufficient lifestyle. Concerned about their old age, the Leadbetters take out a 14th life policy on Jerry, and take up keep-fit. When Tom boasts that his digging and gardening keeps him fitter than Jerry's jogging and rowing machine, they end up having a long-distance race.moreless
  • Silly, but It's Fun ...
    The Goods have an entirely self-made Christmas (except for the balloons), while the Leadbetters order theirs from a department store. When there's a hiccup in the delivery, the Leadbetters are invited round to the Goods for some homemade food, drink and entertainment.
  • Anniversary
    Episode 7
    Although troubles beset them, the Goods are still glad that they've followed the path of self-sufficiency. Jerry thinks he's failed to succeed Andy as head of JJM. Margo installs a burglar alarm system, but the Goods think they've no need of one, as they've nothing left to steal.
  • Sweet and Sour Charity
    Tom sets his eye on the contents of the other neighbors' heating oil tank when they move out. Barbara just manages to convince him that it would be stealing. Then they get permission to take it.
  • Suit Yourself
    Suit Yourself
    Episode 5
    The Goods obtain some sheep fleeces, make their own vegetable dyes, and start making their own clothes using their loom. Jerry's boss decides to retire, and invites three potential successors to dinner to choose who to appoint.
  • The Weaver's Tale
    The Weaver's Tale
    Episode 4
    When Margo buys a spinning wheel, Tom buys a loom so that the Goods can borrow the spinning wheel and make their own clothes. However, Barbara has just convinced Jerry to forbid Margo to spend any more money, and the spinning wheel purchase is canceled. It looks like the loom is a white elephant.moreless
  • Our Speaker Today
    Our Speaker Today
    Episode 3
    When Margo's society's guest speaker pulls out at short notice, Barbara agrees to give a talk about self-sufficiency. She's so good that Lady Truscott asks her to do several other talks, but it interferes with maintaining the animals & crops.
  • The Green Door
    The Green Door
    Episode 2
    The Goods need some fertiliser for their land in preparation for sowing the new season's crops. When they try getting it from the pony club that Margo belongs to, they find that although she pretends to, she hasn't been going recently. The Goods wonder where she's been going instead.
  • Away From It All
    Away From It All
    Episode 1
    When the poor harvest and other tribulations of life get to the Goods, the Leadbetters suggest they go away on a short break, and volunteer to look after things while they're away. But can they be trusted?