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This show is about the Duncan family and how their lives are turned upside down with the arrival of a new baby. Teddy, Gabe and P.J. Duncan must care for Charlie Duncan while their parents are busy.

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  • u guys are great

    I love good luck Charlie but I still wish it was still on Disney channel bc that was my favorite show on there. U guys are the best.
  • The show was pretty good for the first 2 seasons, kind of mediocre in season 3, and then got pretty terrible in season 4.

    Good luck Charlie had high potential for the first two seasons. I gave it a bit of leverage during season 3 because it was just okay. But things just got really horrible in season 4 when they brought Toby into the show.

    I was just fine with Charlie, and then they decide to bring Toby in. I thought that the whole point of the show's name "Good Luck Charlie" was to show the difficulties and challenges that the Duncan family faced trying to raise Charlie.

    They obviously ran out of material, so they decided to bring another kid into the show.

    Also, I really hate Gabe. His devious ways got old pretty quickly. It seems like the older he got, the more of an ass he became.

    PJ is just really stupid, so I guess they just had to throw in that stereotypical dumb blonde in the show somehow.

    Teddy is ok, but everytime she tries to say something humorous, it seems forced. And there's something about her smile that really bothers me. Her mouth looks kind of weird and deformed when she smiles.

    Amy Duncan is just flat out annoying, and Charlie seems to have more manners than she does.

    Bob is a likeable character, and one of my favorite.moreless
  • Way too overrated!

    This is a horrible show. Now, I don't expect anyone here to agree with me because of what the final paragraph in this review explains, but I don't give a crap. Anyways, where to begin?

    First, I get the idea that Disney wanted to create a show that would appeal to entire families instead of just children. But there are many moments on this show that gross me out like in the study date episode (the Mom is covered in baby food and ends up tasting it and spitting it out, the Dad licks his armpit, the kid at the hospital gets a fishing hook stuck in his lip and it is pulled at ON SCREEN, Charlie vomits on Teddy, and to end the episode . washed a hairy guy's back) and the dentist episode (Teddy breaks her tooth, and there is a scene in which Gabe is covered in baby food because Charlie won't eat). I guess I shouldn't be surprised though because I will tell you I am not a fan of episodes of . shows that take place (if even just for one scene) in a hospital, doctor/dentist office, etc. But still...

    Furthermore, for some reason, Teddy's smile just irritates me in the first 2 seasons, and the dad just bores me. I can't put my finger on it but these things just bother me. Also, you can clearly tell that the only reason that they cast Bradley Steven Perry the role of Gabe was because of his "boyish charm," which really isn't all that charming. In Season 2, he loses his ability to effectively act and his character is such a prick honestly, although really the only character in this show I don't hate is . I also don't ally like the theme song, as if it's not bad enough on it's own, they decided to add in an extra "Hang in there baby" to end it.

    Finally, I hate the fan responses. They're always raving about this show and how much they love it (which I don't have a problem with on it's own even though this happens a lot), but then proceed to boast about Good Luck Charlie and compare it to other Disney and even Nick shows such as iCarly, Shake It Up, Jessie, Austin & Ally, I Didn't Do It. As you can see the list goes on forever really it does. This happens on a lot of websites such as and Common Sense Media. The fan responses of other Disney and Nick shows that I actually like and find not gross such as Victorious, Jessie and Nicky, Ricky, Dicky & Dawn have this same problem sure, but on a MUCH lower level than with Good Luck Charlie. Do you people know just how immature that is? The facts are that no matter which Disney or Nick show you like the best and which one you like the worst, none of them really are better than the others. They all have likeable content, they all have unlikeable content. OK, thank you. :)

    - monster_boy1moreless
  • Gets old fast

    The plot is so cheesy. I mean, Charlie is supposed to be the main focus, but she's more of a prop for the show. Teddy smiles way too much, not saying smiling is a bad thing, but when Bridgit Mendler is just not very cut-out for the role, it grates on my nerves a bit. There are a lot of moments that gross me out, such as in the first episode: the Dad licking his armpit, a kid getting a fishing hook stuck in his lip and PJ pulling at it on-screen, and Charlie vomiting, and in the dentist episode: I was grossed out by the scene where Gabe is covered in baby food because Charlie won't eat. This show also is just way too predictable for my tastes, and recycles characters and stories we've already heard. Not saying I hate this show, I don't, but I will say it's a huge disappointment for me. I'm writing this as a 17 year old, but really my parents, and 2 younger siblings don't have much interest in this show either. There are plenty of other Disney shows that are much better than Good Luck Charlie, and a lot of them like Jessie, Austin & Ally, Liv and Maddie, and Girl Meets World are actually really good.moreless
  • I have fun watching the show.

    I have fun watching the show. This family is very funny.

    Music in the show is merry and amazing. Also,the characters tell

    hilarious jokes. Besides, Charlie and her brother Toby look very

    sweet. Finally, I like the plot changes! You can watch this show with

    your family.

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