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This show is about the Duncan family and how their lives are turned upside down with the arrival of a new baby. Teddy, Gabe and P.J. Duncan must care for Charlie Duncan while their parents are busy.
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  • Enough Favoritism

    I am sick and tired of everyone talking about how much they love this show (not really an issue), and then proceeding to shit on other Disney and Nick shows, too, for "not living up to this (which include, but are nowhere near limited to: Drake & Josh, iCarly, Shake It Up, Jessie, Austin & Ally, I Didn't Do It, as you can see the list of TV shows that suffer from these Good Luck Charlie fanatics' trash talk and favoritism is endless really it is) Good Luck Charlie is the only one on Disney or Nick that this is the case. So, just for that, here is a long, true list about why this show sucks for a fact.

    1) I have seen character like PJ, Gabe, and Amy (the mother) everywhere. Same with that one character, Joe, that shows in several episodes. Ooh an evil little girl! Where have I seen THAT before?

    2) It's too boring to bother watching.

    3) Charlie is supposed to be the main focus, but is often used more as a prop for the show.

    4) Bridgit Mendler cannot act.

    5) On Good Luck Charlie, none of the jokes are funny at all. Actually, Good Luck Charlie has a lot of gross-out humor. Meanwhile, on Victorious, the jokes are actually funny.

    6) PJ puts on the usual dumb act in most situations, and yet he can drive and date girls, dress himself and so dumb is he?

    7) The show tries too hard to make Teddy act boy obsessed.

    8) The parents act like idiots and they let their kids make fools of them. Meanwhile, on Jessie, they don't make fools out of the adults.

    9) The kids are rude and obnoxious and use language more than just Meanwhile, on Jessie, there is no obnoxious talking back to adults.moreless
  • Gets old fast

    The plot is so cheesy. I mean, Charlie is supposed to be the main focus, but she's more of a prop for the show. Teddy smiles way too much, not saying smiling is a bad thing, but when Bridgit Mendler is just not very cut-out for the role, it grates on my nerves a bit. There are a lot of moments that gross me out, such as in the first episode: the Dad licking his armpit, a kid getting a fishing hook stuck in his lip and PJ pulling at it on-screen, and Charlie vomiting, and in the dentist episode: I was grossed out by the scene where Gabe is covered in baby food because Charlie won't eat. This show also is just way too predictable for my tastes, and recycles characters and stories we've already heard. Not saying I hate this show, I don't, but I will say it's a huge disappointment for me. I'm writing this as a 17 year old, but really my parents, and 2 younger siblings don't have much interest in this show either. There are plenty of other Disney shows that are much better than Good Luck Charlie, and a lot of them like Jessie, Austin & Ally, Liv and Maddie, and Girl Meets World are actually really good.moreless
  • I have fun watching the show.

    I have fun watching the show. This family is very funny.

    Music in the show is merry and amazing. Also,the characters tell

    hilarious jokes. Besides, Charlie and her brother Toby look very

    sweet. Finally, I like the plot changes! You can watch this show with

    your family.
  • I actually give it better.

    It is actually better than I thought it was. I'm sorry for the stupid review before, it's OK now that Gabe is in a relationship, so his flirty attitude is only on one woman. I do not like Charlie's attitude with Toby. They should make PJ a little smarter because it's sorta not cute of how dumb he is at his age. Bob is pretty funny. Amy is like the main machine of the house, I just wished they would have payed quality attention to Gabe. Teddy is OK. She is portrayed by a very cute actress and Teddy also deserves a little better of a name and a little better of a life. Overall I think they didn't need to add Toby, but whatever. Fix PJ he's stupid.moreless
  • Its great

    I really liked this show. I loved the cast and the episodes. And all the haters are stupid and shouldnt waste there time writing bad reviews!


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