Good Luck Charlie

Season 2 Episode 20

Amazing Gracie

Aired Sunday 7:30 PM Aug 07, 2011 on Disney Channel

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  • Funny episode


    This episode was perfect and funny as well.For Amy/Charlie's plot, I liked the montage when they were having fun as well as when Charlie ignored Amy. As for PJ/Gabe/Bob, I LOL'd that PJ and Gabe bring a couple guys and are nervous that they don't want to hang out with Bob. For Teddy's plot, I liked/laughed at Teddy crashing the car, PJ knowing flavor the car is, Mr. Weintz's part, and the fuernal. Overall, this episode was funny and perfect. 10/10

  • Almost perfect, except for that one unneeded plot.


    Teddy gets a used car from Ivy's father and wrecks it. Amy is offended and upset when Charlie is okay with being separated from her during her first day of preschool. PJ and Gabe try to get Bob a friend to avoid going on his annual father and son fishing trip.

    Teddy/Harry/Ivy/Mary Lou's Plot: I thought a Teddy and Ivy's family plot was cool. I laughed when Teddy said about the wrecked car "Is it noticeable?". I think Mary Lou in real life is a great singer, as she sang at Gracie's funeral and the end. I laughed hard when Ivy was saying she couldn't touch the car.

    Amy/Charlie's Plot: I think it was great to see an Amy/Charlie plot, because, actually, I don't think I've seen a lot of bonding with Amy/Charlie. Charlie being brave and Amy thinking that's awful was hilarious. When she explained to Bob and said he doesn't get things was funny. It was so sweet when Charlie walked back to Amy at the end of the plot.

    Gabe/PJ/Bob's Plot: Oh my gosh! This episode ruined the whole episode! Even though it kind of gave a lesson, it was boring.

    In fact, this episode was all about bonding. Teddy bonded with Harry (well, not really), Harry bonded with Gracie, Amy bonded with Charlie, and Bob bonded with PJ and Gabe.

    Overall a superb episode, could have been perfect if it weren't for Gabe/PJ/Bob's plot.

  • OK, this episode was pretty good. The only reason this episode isnt a 10. Is the subplot.


    OK, this episode was pretty good. the main part with the car was AMAZING! I loved that part, and i loved the funeral part, and the song that Mrs. Wentz sang. It's now stuck in my head. Mrs. Wentz is a good singer actually. The part when Amy was going to take Charlie to pre-school was pretty good. I loved the part when Amy and Charlie were having a mommy and Charlie day. I loved the part when Amy came out of the jack-in-the-box. That part was funny. The part when charlie went on without Amy on the first day was funny, and it was creative when Charlie started walking into the room without any reaction. i thought she wasn't going to come back and hug her mom. The part when charlie hugged was so sweet i loved it. the only reason this episode was a 7 was the subplot. Serously, it's kind of mean to find a friend for their dad. i didn't like that part. the funniest part of the episode was the song at the end it was HILLARIOUS i cracked up then entire time. (except when Teddy started sing that part was pretty annoying) Overall, this was a good episode

  • Charlie's first day of preschool

    I thought that this was an excellent episode of "Good Luck Charlie". It definitely got a bunch of laughs out of me. As most of the episodes are, the storyline in tonight's new episode was well executed and just plain hilarious. Well, it is Charlie's first day of school and Amy feels hurt when Charlie being separated from Amy wasn't hard for her. The funny thing is that Amy wanted it to be hard for Charlie to be separated from her. Amy spending the day with was very funny. The ending of that plot was very cute and sweet when Charlie hugged Amy. Next plot is Teddy's plot. It was very funny when Mrs. Wentz is forcing Mr. Wentz to sell his car but Mr. Wentz doesn't want to sell the car because he loves it. Teddy buying the car from Mr. Wentz and then immediately getting damaged was funny. Mr. Wentz' reaction when he saw that his car that Teddy bought from him was damaged is hilarious. The funeral for Mr. Wentz' car was also a hilarious scene. I also thought the third plot was very funny when Gabe and PJ are trying to find Bob a friend when they don't want to go fishing with Bob. All of the plots in this episode made me laugh very hard and all of three plots in this episode were well executed. Overall, this is definitely an excellent episode of "Good Luck Charlie". 10/10