Good Luck Charlie

Season 3 Episode 3

Amy Needs a Shower

Aired Sunday 7:30 PM May 13, 2012 on Disney Channel

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  • Amy convinces Mary Lou to throw her a baby shower

    I thought that this was a great episode of "Good Luck Charlie". While it could've been better and not much humor goes on for each of the storylines, I still found it to be enjoyable. Amy convincing Mary Lou throw her a baby shower was Plot A, Teddy and Ivy at the radio station in order to get their credit for high school to graduate from what I saw was Plot B, and Bob deciding on who he is going to take to the hockey game was Plot C. I'm gonna probably have to say Plot C (Bob deciding on who he is gonna take to the hockey game) was the funniest plot... it start out just a little boring but when that game show scene started then I started to crack up very hard and happens to be the funniest part of Plot C. I can't believe PJ and Gabe did NOT know when Bob's birthday is or even knew what his middle name is, etc. I couldn't stop laughing at all. The whole game show scene in Plot C was hilarious. In the end, Bob decides to take Teddy to the hockey game since she is the only child out of PJ and Gabe (not including Charlie since she is a baby) that actually knows what day is Bob's birthday which is nice. Plot A was pretty boring to watch but enjoyable in some ways.... funniest part in Plot A would have to be Amy acting like she is crying about something sad to prove to Mary Lou that she can act and Mary Lou gets freaked out about it. I didn't like Amy though, I didn't like how she just invited people that she despised all just because she wanted a baby shower. I was glad that Charlie told everyone at the baby shower about the horrible things Amy said about them which I found to be the second funniest moment in that plot. I think the plot that probably bored me the most was the Teddy/Ivy plot when they were at that radio station but it's kinda enjoyable in a way. I GUESS the funniest part was that man reading the book about apples on the radio plus Teddy and Ivy getting bored with it. The ending to the Teddy/Ivy plot was kinda funny as well when they got fired for partying and playing the music on the book-reading radio station or something like that even though that part was totally expected. If someone were to ask me if this episode is worth watching, I would say "yes" because it is very enjoyable... it's just not the funniest and greatest episode I've seen from this show. Overall, a great episode of "Good Luck Charlie". 8.5/10