Good Luck Charlie

Season 1 Episode 2

Baby Come Back

Aired Sunday 7:30 PM Apr 11, 2010 on Disney Channel

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  • a lot better than Study Date


    a lot better than Study Date. I found this episode really funny and entertaining. OK after a day at the park PJ accidently takes home the wrong baby and Teddy,Gabe, and PJ try to find her before AMy, and Bob return from their date. I thought this plot was cool and funny. I thought PJ was very funny in this episode. I also thought Gabe was pretty funny and Captain Stretchy. Overall 10/10.

  • PJ returns from the park and brings home the wrong baby

    I thought that this was an excellent episode of "Good Luck Charlie" and it was very funny to watch. I thought it was funny when PJ brought home the wrong baby after he came home from the park which meant that the girl that he asked out has Charlie. It was hilarious when the baby (who is a male) made a pee on the floor. It was funny when there was a guy in a superhero costume that hangs out at the park on weekends and entertains the little kids' birthday party. Gabe doing his magic tricks was very funny especially when he missed up on that table trick. It was very funny when Teddy, PJ, and Gabe came to the restaurant that Bob and Amy are eating to get Charlie back and return the baby to the girl that PJ asked out. Gabe distracting Amy and Bob with the table trick was very funny. It was hilarious when Gabe read the superhero guy's ID and he says "108 pounds my butt". It was also very funny when Amy found out about the pee on the floor at the end of the episode which got her suspicious. Overall, this was an excellent episode of "Good Luck Charlie". 10/10
  • Perfect episode


    Plot:P.J. gets himself into hot water with his siblings, when he returns from the park with the wrong baby. Bob and Amy treat themselves to an evening on the town.

    Parts I liked:

    * Gabe doing magic trick

    * The guy in the superman outfit. He has a lot of funny parts.

    * PJ bringing the wrong baby home and the baby peed.

    * Gabe reading the superhero's ID.

    * PJ and Emma slowly bringing their babies back.

    Overall score: 10/10

  • Superb episode! However, there is one thing that bugs me and makes this episode's a little lower.


    Teddy suggests that Bob and Amy go on a date to spend a little time with Charlie. Later, PJ reluctantly takes Charlie for a walk in the park and meets a girl named Emma. When he comes home all happy, Teddy looks in the stroller and finds that the baby is not Charlie! So Teddy, Gabe, PJ, and the baby go to the park and look everywhere and they cannot find Emma. They decide at the end to just tell their parents about the incident. However, at the restaurant (where their parents are), they see Emma with Charlie and her family. So they have Gabe do his "magic trick" which is taking off the cover of the table and messing up everything, while Teddy and Emma quickly switch babies.

    Overall, I think this was a superb episode and was written and handled very well. The only thing that makes my score not perfect is Emma not caring she has the wrong baby, or actually not even knowing she has the wrong baby. That, to me, didn't make sense.

  • After a trip to the park, Charlie is discovered to be switched with a different baby, leaving the re-switch up to the teens.

    This episode was HILARIOUS. I don't write reviews often, but because this episode is fantastic and because this series is new, I felt it was necessary. To be completely honest, after watching the first half of the first episode I didn't like this show but the second half gave me faith in this episode.
    The promo seemed corny and the plot wasn't original, but the jokes and material were on point. I just watched the episode and I'm in love. I was VERY shocked that Teddy told her parents "not to have too much fun on their date because they already have enough kids". On a TV-G show? Really? LMAO. It was funny, but more Nick funny than Disney Channel funny. I like both though =D
    The odds of the strollers looking exactly alike and that Charlie was only yards away from Mom and Dad's table in a restaurant seemed unreal, but I really don't care about that stuff. :) Perfect. Absolutely. THIS should have been the first ep!!!
  • When the teens visit the park, P.J. gets into hot water with his siblings when he accidentally brings home the wrong baby. NOw it's up to the teens to switch the babies back without their parents knowing.

    This episode was amazing. All I can say is that it exceeded my expectations, and it did a whole lot better than the premiere episode (even though they were both equally good). The writters have did it again creating another great episode. I have a lot of faith in this series. I loved when Gabe pulled the table cloth in the Mexican Restauraunt and everything else just went slow motion from there. I think the writters love doing these slow motion scenes. But I don't mind because their usually really funny. This episode is probably going to put Good Luck Charlie on the map. As the show creates more episodes, the show will continue on being funnier and funnier.
  • That's kinda more great but I feel amazed when P.J. meet a new cutest girl.

    This episode is pretty ok but it's good, and I surely like "Baby Come Back" episode. But in the beginning episode, not I really like it. In the end of "Baby Come Back" is pretty better because this is different kind of little bit serious, afraid, mild anxious action that Teddy surprise that Charlie is missing in house. That because P.J. is being distracted. So... "Baby Come Back" is almost mildly good episode but not so best episode. I surprisingly saw P.J. met a new cutest girl and her's baby with stroller in playground. I feel really amazed to look cutest girl face in playground (oops! I forgot cutest girl name). Wow! She's so adorable!
  • Liked this one a lot.

    Good fun. Something new, rarely seen on disney channel. Not very appealing to younger children. But I find it cute. It won't do well, but personally I think it's nice. Once again something new, and cute. I liked this episode more than the first, because it was more original. Funny.
    Good fun. Something new, rarely seen on disney channel. Not very appealing to younger children. But I find it cute. It won't do well, but personally I think it's nice. Once again something new, and cute. I liked this episode more than the first, because it was more original. Funny.