Good Luck Charlie

Season 2 Episode 14

Baby's New Shoes

Aired Sunday 7:30 PM Jun 12, 2011 on Disney Channel

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  • Overall great but not the best episode Season 2 has to offer

    I thought that this was an overall great episode of "Good Luck Charlie". It wasn't the best Season 2 episode I've seen and it also wasn't the funniest episode I've seen but it was overall great and I liked it for the most part. PJ's plot just seemed kind of weird to me because he did something to his classmate in kindergarten and then PJ has these nightmares that his classmate is getting revenge on him. Teddy's plot was a little better than PJ's plot but still could have improved a little more. Amy's plot when she bought $400 heels and Charlie ruined them was probably the funniest of this episode. Teddy's story that showed on the video with the lunch lady and all that was pretty funny. It was funny when Teddy found out that Gabe and his friend went to a PG-13 film and the guy at the concession stand gets paid a fee by Gabe to go to the PG-13 film without adult supervision. Teddy's story was great but I just hated how that guy won't post the video just because the guy at the concession stand was his brother... okay, it's not good to humiliate your brother but Teddy found a story and that was just bogus to me as well. I also didn't like that PJ's classmate got revenge on PJ at the end of the episode by making PJ bald on the back and a little bit on the front... come on, it was in kindergarten when PJ did a bad thing to his classmate and he even said sorry to him. The end of PJ's plot did not make any sense to me. The end of Bob and Amy's plot was funny. Overall, a great episode but not the best episode that Season 2 has to offer. 8/10