Good Luck Charlie

Season 3 Episode 2

Bad Luck Teddy

Aired Sunday 7:30 PM May 06, 2012 on Disney Channel

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  • Everyone thinks that Teddy is a jinx to Spencer and the basketball team when they are having a losing streak

    Everyone thinks Teddy is a jinx on Spencer, as the basketball team has been on a losing streak. It's nice to see Season 3 start off with new brand new episodes which is this one and "Make Room For Baby". This episode wasn't as good as "Make Room For Baby" but it was still very enjoyable and very funny to watch. This episode does have three storylines just like most of the episodes in this show. I really do think it's impressive how the writers tie in three storylines into one episode since that's not usually what a show does. It's usually just two storylines in an episode of a tv show but that's it but the way they tie it in is well done so good job writers... keep up the good work. First storyline is about everyone at school thinking Teddy is a jinx to Spencer and the basketball team. Second storyline is about PJ getting his haircut at the barber shop and having a crush on that girl cutting his hair. Third storyline is about when Gabe thinks Amy and Bob will send him to military school. I will go one by one as I pretty much do in these reviews of an episode of this show. First storyline is probably the reason why my score is a little low... I find it pretty mean and stupid that the whole school thinks it's Teddy making them lose which I find hard to believe so that just bugged me a little right there. Funniest part is probably Teddy and Spencer's fake break-up in front of the whole school. Second storyline (as well of the third storyline) is better than the first storyline as PJ getting his haircut at the barber shop and having a crush on that girl cutting his hair was very funny... at this point, I really can't think of what the funniest part is. As for the third storyline, that was very funny to watch as Gabe's reaction to him overhearing Bob and Amy sending him to military school when they weren't talking about Gabe (to me, that's probably the funniest part of the episode). Actually no scratch that, the most hilarious part was Gabe making Bob a "Bobwich" and a "Boburrito" along with him making Amy healthy breakfast/dinner. Gabe confronting Amy and Bob about how they weren't gonna send him to military school after all was funny as well. Most of the things about this episode are just very funny to watch. The execution was very well done, the storyline was very funny but Teddy's storyline would have to be the weakest, and there was a lot of humor mainly in the second and third storyline. Overall, a superb episode of "Good Luck Charlie". 9/10