Good Luck Charlie

Season 2 Episode 7

Battle of the Bands

Aired Sunday 7:30 PM Apr 03, 2011 on Disney Channel

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  • Perfect episode

    I thought that this was a perfect episode of "Good Luck Charlie". I thought that it was much better than last Sunday's new episode "L.A.R.P. in the Park". PJ and Emmett's band, Teddy and Skylar's band, and Spencer sign up for the Battle of the Bands. The girls are rehearsing their song while the guys rehearse their song. Things get turned around when PJ and Skylar start to go out with each other and don't want to compete against each other. Amy is in painting class and Charlie is the help when she finds out from the teacher that she doesn't have talent. Bob doesn't like that Gabe has a friend just because Gabe has nice things but Bob likes his friend's dad and loves the things in the house. It thought it was hilarious when Bob, Teddy, PJ, and Gabe couldn't figure out what Amy's painting was at the beginning of the episode. It was funny when the girls and the guys are rehearsing their song. Bob in the hot tub watching football and eating tacos and root beer with Gabe's friend's dad was very funny. Although, it was predictable but it was very funny when Teddy finds out that PJ and Skylar are going out and then Teddy says "no no no" and PJ says "yes yes yes". I thought it was nice of Bob to stick up to Gabe because he knows that Gabe didn't cheat on the video game. It was funny when Gabe said that he is offended that he is called a cheater which for once he didn't. I liked Spencer's song and I really liked Teddy, Skylar, PJ, and Emmett's song which was nice because the four of them decided to play together. The very ending was hilarious when Gabe and Bob were in the bathtub and Charlie was the butler (which was predictable) and it was hilarious when Bob made bubbles in the bathtub. Overall, a perfect episode of "Good Luck Charlie". 10/10
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