Good Luck Charlie

Season 2 Episode 15

Bye Bye Video Diary

Aired Sunday 7:30 PM Jun 19, 2011 on Disney Channel

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  • Teddy thinks that she lost all the video diaries she made for her sister so she tries to recreat them.


    I thought this was a great episode of Good Luck Charlie and it's probably my favorite episode. This episode starts out with Teddy trying to make the perfect 50th video diary. I thought the plot was really good and original. The 2nd plot is when PJ goes to a colledge for his job. I thought that plot was really funny espcially when he told his Dad that he wants to go to colledge after all a REAL colledge. In the 3rd plot Gabe while PJ is away decideds to watch a really scary movie but then he gets really freaked out so he decides to sleep with Charlie. I thought that was really funny and the part when Gabe Thinks something is in the closet but it was really Charlie made me laugh. I was also laughing really hard when PJ comes back and Gabe comes running to him and jumps in his arms. But i thought the main plot was the best part. I thought it was really funny when Teddy tries to recreat them in the Middle of the night with Amy and the things they do is really funny like when they steal Mrs. Dabney's cat and in the end Teddy found out that PJ accidently stole her by accident was also very funny. Overall this was a great episode of Good Luck Charlie and probably my favorite episode!

  • Teddy loses all 50 of her video diaries for Charlie when her laptop got ruined so Teddy decides to stop making the video diaries

    I thought that this was an excellent episode of "Good Luck Charlie". It was better than last Sunday's new episode "Baby's New Shoes" in my opinion. I loved all of the plots in this episode. The plot was that Teddy's laptop gets ruined and loses all 50 of her video diaries and decides to not make the video diaries anymore until Teddy had a bad dream and decides to recreate all 50 of the video diaries. Teddy's dream was a little overexagerrated though and didn't find it necessary but I can let that slide. The subplot was that PJ goes to a 2-day Kwikki Chikki college. The other subplot was that Gabe watches a scary movie and can't sleep at all. When Gabe was watching the scary movie... did anyone hear the Phill Lewis' voice in the scary movie?. We can just hear the audio of his voice but I recognized that because no one else has a voice like that. Just in case you don't know who Phill Lewis is... he was the role of Mr. Moseby in both "The Suite Life of Zack and Cody" and "The Suite Life On Deck". Back to the review, Teddy and Amy recreating the video diaries was absolutely funny especially when they stole Mrs. Dabney's cat to use as a bunny. PJ partying instead of studying because his friend convinced him to party was very funny. Gabe being scared out of his mind and telling Bob to not open the closet but it was just Charlie in there was hilarious. The very ending was hilarious when PJ opened the closet and it had a red portal that will suck you in. It turned out that it was just PJ's laptop that got ruined instead of Teddy's laptop so Teddy didn't lose her 50 video diaries. Overall, an excellent episode of "Good Luck Charlie". 10/10
  • perfect

    Teddy fears she has lost all the video diaries she has made for her baby sister, so she attempts to recreate all 50 of them. PJ graduates Kwikki Chikki college, but wants more; he wants to go to real college, and Gabe watches a scary movie.

    Good episode. Gabe's plot was kind of boring, but the part where he has Bob pick him up, when he was already holding Charlie, and Bob says "My two babies" was funny. I liked the other plots, especially PJ's decision in wanting to go to college. Overall, despite Gabe's plot, it was a really good episode and my final grade is easily going to be an A+.