Good Luck Charlie

Season 1 Episode 6

Charlie Did It!

Aired Sunday 7:30 PM May 09, 2010 on Disney Channel

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  • Another underrated GLC episode, but this episode wasn't that great/superb.

    This episode is a little underrated. But I do agree that main plot was a little lame. This episode doesn't has that much humor and Teddy/Gabe/Charlie plot was boring. Other than that, I thought the episode was good. PJ saying about music and then Bob left was funny. Gabe complaining about being grounded was funny as well. Amy's part was a little funny in this episode. Emmett asking "Can we do it at our house?" was very funny. Charlie shoplifting was a bit funny. PJ and Emmett doing jingles were super funny. Emmett playing an accordion was funny as well. The main plot then became a little funny when Gabe made mess on the store. Last the ending was very funny. Overall, a good episode, but it could have been better. 7/10
  • This episode is just okay but it's one of my least favorite "Good Luck Charlie" episodes


    This "Good Luck Charlie" episode was just okay in my opinion. Nothing really special or memorable and the plot seemed to be stupid and unoriginal but it was good enough to be a 6. To be honest, a 6 is actually good. I mean, 6 means okay to me but that doesn't necessarily mean that I hate this episode. It has some funny moments such as Amy's poem, PJ and Emmett trying to come up with a jingle for Bob's exterminator commercial, Gabe telling that security guard "Have you lost weight?... oh wait, it looks like you haven't", and Bob and PJ being wrestlers in Bob's exterminator commercial at the very end of the episode. Nothing else really made me laugh after that. First of all, I recognize that security guard named "Hugo" (I believe that his character's name) from that sitcom "According to Jim" as Andy (Jim's wife Cheryl's brother) and his part was pretty good here but I didn't like his character as Hugo the security guard. I didn't like how Hugo was arresting Charlie when she is just a baby. I'm sorry but I just found that to be totally unoriginal and just stupid. I also didn't like it when he was yelling and being mean to that Amy Wheezeheimer character. Also, that Amy character was just a little annoying. Overall, this was just an okay episode of "Good Luck Charlie" but it's one of my least favorite episodes. 6/10

  • Boring.


    Charlie steals a pair of sunglasses at a grocery store so the owner Hugo"arrests" her. Then Teddy and Gabe try to break out, and Alice, a grocery store employee and Teddy become friends. Meanwhile, PJ and Emmett try to write a jingle for Bob's extermination business.

    I did love Amy's poem. There were some other great moments in this episode.

    Annoying things:

    *Alice's annoying voice.
    *Hugo wanting to arrest Charlie

    It was okay, I guess, overall.

  • fair

    while shopping at the store, charlie somehow gets a hold of glasses, that teddy didn't pay for because she did not know about. now the manager is going to arrest them for this. can they escape?

    OK... which is worse, completely trashing a grocery store or accidentally stealing something? Pretty sure trashing a store is, since that was on purpose. I'm sure if Teddy explained to Amy and Bob what happened they'd understand, after all, it WAS an accident. But... Teddy and Gabe completely trashing the store, and its manager? They did all that on purpose and the manager could EASILY tell Amy and Bob this which would make Teddy get in trouble, as well as Gabe and maybe Charlie. So... I didn't like the episode a lot
  • Enjoyed this a lot.

    Good fun. Something new, rarely seen on disney channel. Not very appealing to younger children. But I find it cute. It won't do well, but personally I think it's nice. Once again something new, and cute. I really enjoyde this one. That scene when they trashed the store was awesome. And when Charlie was getting her picture taken, I just thought she looked extremely cute.
    The jingle part I feel was not given enough time. I feel the the store part was given maybe 13-14 minutes, while the jingle part was give only 6-7 minutes. I feel these unveven parts have been there throughout the show and I think this is the only major problem with the show.
  • 106

    Not a bad episode of Disney's "Good Luck Charlie" I've said good things about this show before, but I didn't enjoy the show as much as I did back then. What's great about Good Luck Charlie is that it has a sense of realism. No kids living in the white house, no twins on deck of a cruise, no family of witches. It's just a real family show that has some originality because of it's focus on the baby.

    But this episode felt like I was apparently watching a Disney show, and it wasn't very realistic. First let me start off by saying that Haley Holmes cannot act. She wasn't good on 90210, and she was just ten times worse here playing an "outcast." The wheezing got old fast, and it was just annoying and predictable after a while.

    Does anyone else find a cop pressing charges on a baby realistic? That's what I didn't like about this episode, I simply didn't buy it. Although we did get some funny moments here, preferably from the mom with her poem about lockers, so this episode was great in small doses. Overall a good episode, but it could have been way better now that I know what this show is capable of doing.