Good Luck Charlie

Season 1 Episode 8

Charlie is 1

Aired Sunday 7:30 PM May 23, 2010 on Disney Channel
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Episode Summary

The family reminisces about the day Charlie was born.

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  • The family reminisces about the day Charlie was born.

    This episode was perfect. The plot was so interesting to know the day Charlie was born. I didn't had that much humor in this episode than Butt Dialing Duncans. I did laughed at the parts: PJ shirt, Amy putting cream, Gabe being home alone, those bikers, Gabe having a Mohawk, the kids part, and a couple others. Charlie being born was the best part. Overall a perfect episode. 9/10
  • the day Charlie is born is the funniest epsiode there is.

    the day Charlie was born was the funniest episode there is. OK the episode when Charlie turns 1 Teddy buys her a gift with the picture the day Charlie was born. The subplot/ PJ and Bob was so freakin hilarious. The Amy/Teddy plot was funny. and the Gabe plot was so hilarious and Mrs. Dabney was hilarious as well. Overall 10/10.
  • This episode proves that this show has a lot of humor and heart

    I thought that this was an excellent episode of "Good Luck Charlie". Not only was it funny but it also had heart which is one of the things that I love about this show. I loved the plot that Charlie turned 1 years old and that everyone was telling the story on how Charlie was born. Amy being pregnany and going through her mood swings by eating whipped cream was funny. Gabe being home alone in the house which makes him want to do whatever he wants was funny. Gabe getting his mohawk and Mrs. Dabney saying how much she couldn't stand her sister was funny. The Bob/PJ plot is also funny when there is a bear in Bob's truck which means that they have no way back home. Bob and PJ meeting those two motorcycle characters was funny as well. Teddy being a Frankenstein is also good. Amy not wanting to get Charlie out her stomach unless her doctor was there is also pretty funny. The family meeting their baby sister Charlie was a very special and precious moment... it was pretty heartwarming. Those two motorcycle characters being at Charlie's birthday party towards the end of the episode was good. The bear coming to the Duncan's house at the very end of the episode is good. Overall, an excellent episode of "Good Luck Charlie". 10/10moreless
  • This show has the best writers and these writers have the best brains!

    It's Charlie's 1st birthday and the special day brings back crazy memories on the day she was born, including Bob and PJ's fishing trip which leads to a bear sleeping in their van so they are forced to steal a couple's motorcycles, Teddy and Ivy's play about people overcoming differences and coming together, and Amy going to the hospital to deliver the baby. Gabe is home alone due to his family forgetting about him, but Mrs. Dabney catches him and takes him to the hospital anyway. Towards the end of the crazy day of Charlie's birth, the Duncans have a new sister and take a family picture. After the big story of the day Charlie was born, Mad dog and Francis make a surprise visit to the Duncans with a motorcycle jacket for Charlie and Amy accepts them and they are now Charlie's godparents.

    There was so much creativeness in this episode, I loved it! It was cool to see how they act without Charlie or talking about Charlie. There were many funny moments in this episode.moreless
  • 108

    I have no idea where all these good ratings are coming from but I think this is Good Luck Charlie's worst offering yet. What I love about this show is that it has a sense of realism, unlike other ridiculous Disney shows which proves to be possibly the best thing on Disney Channel right now but this episode just contradicted everything I loved about this show.

    This episode pretty much had every cliche in the book, which is rare in other episodes. Not only that, but it definitely lost its sense of realism, and crossed the line to absolutely ridiculous. Two bikers being godparents? A bear climbing in to a car? The dreadful credits with the bear eating potato salad? Does this sound like something you could relate to?

    This episode had promise with the family reminiscing but it just came out short for many reasons. We did however get some funny one liners. If anything, I have to commend the costume design. The Frankenstein costume was the most realistic I've seen yet.

    This show can be really great at times, but unfortunately this definitely was not one of those times.moreless

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  • TRIVIA (2)

    • Goof: During the episode, several people comment that Teddy's monster get-up is a Frankenstein costume. However, Frankenstein was the name of the scientist who created the monster and not the monster itself.

    • Goof: When Gabe is in the kitchen with Amy and Teddy, he is playing a GameBoy Advance, but there is no game cartridge in the system and the GBA has no built-in games.

  • QUOTES (2)

    • (Charlie is making a mess while eating her birthday cake.)
      Gabe: Sure, when she does it, it's adorable. When I do it, it's wrong.
      Teddy: That's because we were at a restaurant and it wasn't your cake.

    • Bob: (handing a camera to Carla) Do you mind taking a picture? Thank you!
      Carla: What's the baby's name?
      Amy: Charlotte.
      Teddy: Oh! Mama, can we call her Charlie?
      Amy: Charlie? Oh, I love it.
      Carla: (getting ready to take the picture) Quite a family you got there. Good luck Charlie!

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