Good Luck Charlie

Season 2 Episode 13

Charlie Shakes It Up

Aired Sunday 7:30 PM Jun 05, 2011 on Disney Channel

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  • Awesome "Good Luck Charlie" and "Shake It Up" crossover

    At first, when I saw the promo for this... I thought that it was a bad idea because why would a good show (Good Luck Charlie) and a mediocre show (Shake It Up) have a crossover? but then after I saw that this was considered a "Good Luck Charlie" episode and I was okay with the idea for this crossover and I was excited about it. Rocky was very extremely likeable in this crossover and here is why. In "Shake It Up", she is just an irritating and annoying girl that makes me want to smack her BUT in this crossover, she is a normal, sweet, and calm girl. Cece is her same funny, dumb, and pretty self as she is in "Shake It Up" and I like that. Flynn hitting on Teddy was hilarious. I wonder why Ty wasn't in this crossover though. I'm just glad Gunther and Tinka weren't in this crossover... that would have been a disaster. Bob watching his favorite TV show "Higgins and Zork" or whatever its called was hilarious especially when he plays with his action figures and all that. Gabe and PJ having a yard sale was funny. It was hilarious when PJ and Gabe gave Mrs. Dabney a kitty jar not knowing that it had $500 inside the jar. Gabe and PJ making Mrs. Dabney a fancy dinner (a.k.a. corn dog) and entertainment was hysterically funny. Mrs. Dabney being a huge fan of "Higgins and Zork" just like Bob was absolutely hilarious and it was the highlight of this crossover. The ending was also hilarious when Cece and Rocky were in one luggage, Flynn in the other luggage, and then Deuce in Teddy's purse. The main plot with Teddy, Amy, and Charlie being mistakenly known as the Duncan sisters was also very funny but the subplot made laugh twice as hard though. Overall, an awesome "Good Luck Charlie" and "Shake It Up" crossover. 10/10