Good Luck Charlie

Season 2 Episode 23

Ditch Day

Aired Sunday 7:30 PM Sep 11, 2011 on Disney Channel

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  • This episode was just weak and ok to me.


    After being branded as the ultimate goody two-shoes by her classmates, Teddy decides to ditch her rep by skipping school. P.J. hopes to turn his home economics' grade from drab to fab by creating a dress for Charlie. Bob and Amy argue over a poem that she saved from an old beau.

    As much I like Good Luck Charlie, this episode was just poor to me. I wanted to give it a 3 or 4, but since that's really low, I'm going to generous since Good Luck Charlie is my favorite Disney Channel show, so a 7 will do for me. As the other reviewers been saying, Teddy's plot made me point at all. Also, speaking of her, she was kindairritating because all she did in this episode is stress about being a goody two-shoes (and she usually gets pestered about it). I don't think I laughed/liked any parts in Teddy's plot. The ending of her wasabsolutelypredictable, cause she got grounded for ditching. I've noticed Teddy had been getting grounded for like 10 times. As for the other plot, they were meh also, but I liked PJ/Charlie's plot the best. Still lacks humor, but I laughed at PJ's part the most. Gabe's part was funny as well especially when he yells after finding out that Super Adventure has been closed. I laughed so hard the most at the very ending, which was some part about Gabe going to Super Adventure Land (something like that). Overall, Ditch Day is the worst season 2 episode I've ever seen. My offical grade will be a 7, even though I thought the episode was poorly done.

  • This episode was GOOD but it could have been better


    Okay, this is probably not the funniest OR best episode Season 2. This is probably my least favorite Season 2 episode so far. Not saying that I didn't like the episode because I really didn't but this episode just could done better in my opinion. My least favorite plot in this episode is definitely Teddy's plot. I think Teddy is sweet and beautiful girl but I just thought Teddy was being really annoying in this episode because she was trying to be bad since everyone was calling her "GG" (which stands for "Goody Goody"). Ivy was getting on my nerves as well. I didn't LOL a lot as much as I have been in most of the episodes in Season 2. There were a few LOL moments though. The person that made me LOL hard was PJ. I really loved how PJ is being a fashion designer for Charlie because he needs Charlie for his class. Gabe trying to do something nice for both Bob and Amy so he can go to Super Adventure Land before it closes down (again) was pretty funny as well. The ending of the plot was hilarious when Gabe was finally going to Super Adventure Land until PJ told Gabe that it closed down. Well, those are pretty much you need to know. Back to the Teddy/Ivy plot, sorry if I'm going off-topic. I also didn't like that mayor character for stealing a woman's wallet. Sorry but the Teddy/Ivy plot is the reason why my score is low. I also didn't like that the sheriff (from "Super Adventure Land") gave Teddy a medal and everyone still calls Teddy "GG". The very end (last 1 or less minute) of the episode definitely made me laugh hard and you have to watch to see why. Overall, I did like this episode but it's definitely my least favorite episode of Season 2 so far. 7/10

  • One of the worst Good Luck Charlie a-plots!


    The ivy/teddy storyline was boring. the ending was predictable that she would get in trouble and keep her reputation as goodie goodie because of something good that she did at SAL. I wanted to go into the t.v. and stab the mayor to get him to stop talking on and on in that ridiculous, annoying voice.There were two saving graces in it, though. The part about the jail with the bendable bars was knid of funny, especially how ivy tried to bribe the sherrif. It also coincided well with the end of the b-plot with Gabe, Amy, and Bob. I'll get back to that later. the storyline with PJ and Charlie was very funny, especially the ending when he bought the dress and got a B. That was what saved the episode, in my opinion. The love-letter storyline was okay. It had some funny moments and some dull moments. It also knocked off the popular sitcom, Friends. After Ross and Rachel broke up, the line "we were on a break" was used many, many times throughout the series. Amy used this line when defending dating Bob Diddleboc. Overall an okay episode. The sidestories were what ulled it through.