Good Luck Charlie

Season 2 Episode 23

Ditch Day

Aired Sunday 7:30 PM Sep 11, 2011 on Disney Channel

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  • One of the worst Good Luck Charlie a-plots!


    The ivy/teddy storyline was boring. the ending was predictable that she would get in trouble and keep her reputation as goodie goodie because of something good that she did at SAL. I wanted to go into the t.v. and stab the mayor to get him to stop talking on and on in that ridiculous, annoying voice.There were two saving graces in it, though. The part about the jail with the bendable bars was knid of funny, especially how ivy tried to bribe the sherrif. It also coincided well with the end of the b-plot with Gabe, Amy, and Bob. I'll get back to that later. the storyline with PJ and Charlie was very funny, especially the ending when he bought the dress and got a B. That was what saved the episode, in my opinion. The love-letter storyline was okay. It had some funny moments and some dull moments. It also knocked off the popular sitcom, Friends. After Ross and Rachel broke up, the line "we were on a break" was used many, many times throughout the series. Amy used this line when defending dating Bob Diddleboc. Overall an okay episode. The sidestories were what ulled it through.