Good Luck Charlie

Season 1 Episode 4

Double Whammy

Aired Sunday 7:30 PM Apr 25, 2010 on Disney Channel

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  • Another perfect episode


    While the rest of the family eagerly awaits Charlie's first steps, Amy tries to convince Teddy to fill her old shoes as the school's mascot. It was a perfect episode of Good Luck Charlie. Both plots were perfect and it was interesting that Charlie took her first steps. The parts that I liked/found to be funny on the main plot were Amy teaching Teddy to be a mascot, Amy watching her old video Teddy trying to wave the flag while Ivy is the only one as the crowd, the boys capturing Amy (which was kinda random to me), Teddy and Amy fighting the Vikings (rival). As for the sub plot with PJ/Gabe/Charlie/Emmett I liked that Gabe and PJ trained Charlie, the race between Charlie and Emmett's brother and that Charlie already walked. Also, it was hilarious that PJ could end like his dad who stopped growing hair. Overall, it was a perfect episode of Good Luck Charlie. 10/10