Good Luck Charlie

Season 3 Episode 4

Dress Mess

Aired Sunday 7:30 PM May 13, 2012 on Disney Channel

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  • Teddy and PJ go to their prom BUT PJ goes to his prom with a girl that is home-schooled and Amy wants Teddy to wear her dress

    It's a prom-themed episode of "Good Luck Charlie". Everyone except for maybe me (which is true, I'm not lying) dreams of going to prom because they say it's the most fun... I skipped both my junior and senior prom and I'm a senior as of right now but yeah, prom is just a waste of money to me. Anyways onto the review, I thought that this was an excellent episode of "Good Luck Charlie". All of the storylines in this episode were fantastic. I think it would be easier for now on for my reviews of an episode of this show if I just describe each plot by Plot A, Plot B, and Plot C and say which plot it is then... well, you get what I mean. Plot A is Teddy and Spencer going to their prom, Plot B is PJ going to his senior prom with a girl that happens to be home-schooled, Plot C is about Bob wanting to know if the new baby is a boy or a girl but Amy wants it to be a surprise so he secretly wants to go see what the sex of the baby is. Plot A with Amy wanting Teddy to wear the dress that she never got to wear at her prom was very funny to see. The beginning bit of Spencer romantically asking Teddy out to prom was hilarious too. It's also nice to see how Plot A connected with Plot B in the end and you'll know what I mean in a minute so yeah that was a funny plot. Plot B was very funny and the twist with that girl being home-schooled was totally unexpected... I really didn't see that coming, props to the writers for making an unexpected twist. Plot B was hilarious and that girl's grandma (even though she didn't say a word) was hilarious such as when she was dancing with PJ, a dj for the prom, and a nurse. It was just a very hilarious and well done plot. It was also very sweet of Teddy and Spencer to go to that girls' house at their prom when Teddy saw a video of PJ being miserable at his senior prom.... that's where Plot A connected with Plot B. As for Plot C, that one was hilarious as well. The funniest part is BY FAR Gabe and Bob going to the hospital and using Charlie as a distraction so Gabe can get the disc. Bob rolling over to get the disc from Gabe and rolling back to the door was definitely an LOL moment for me. The part that definitely had me laughing really hard was when Bob and Gabe THINK that Amy is having triplets but they got the wrong disc to see who the sex of the baby was. They instead got the disc which showed results for the babies for Angela Duncan. The ending bit of the episode was hilarious as well. My only nit-pick about this episode (even though I totally knew it was coming) was when the doctor said "Okay, the gender of the baby is a...." then the episode ends so it wasn't revealed if it was a boy or a girl. Other than that nit-pick, it's an episode worth your time. Splendid executions, creative writing, excellent humor, well done characters, and good pacing. Overall, a perfect prom-themed episode of "Good Luck Charlie". 10/10
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