Good Luck Charlie

Season 1 Episode 26

Driving Mrs. Dabney

Aired Sunday 7:30 PM Jan 30, 2011 on Disney Channel

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  • A great season finale

    The only way Teddy can perfect her skills with an automobile is by driving Mrs. Dabney wherever she wants to go. Amy resists getting attached to a stray dog that Gabe found. I thought this was a great season 1 finale of Good Luck Charlie. I don't understand some of the low score because it was bad. This episode wasn't that bad, expect maybe for Amy's plot....meh. Teddy's plot was kinda decent, but not very much laughs. Even I thought I hate that Justing Bieber d-bag so much, the line in which he was refered was kinda funny. Teddy getting her blouse messed up was very funny and probably the biggest laugh in her plot. Gabe/PJ plot was much funnier because Gabe get his foot stuck in a boot (he was buying it for Teddy's birthday). Also, Charlie had some lines and they were amusing. The song near the end was good as well. I think the ending was super funny because Gabe appeared as a cop. Overall, a great and underrated episode. 8.5/10
  • I agree that the Season 1 finale wasn't the best but there really isn't anything bad about this episode.


    I thought that this was a great episode of "Good Luck Charlie". I honestly don't see why a couple of users that reviewed this Season 1 finale said that it was very bad and weak. Sure, it wasn't the best but that doesn't mean it was terrible though. I honestly doesn't see any negativity in this episode at all. In fact, my score is only a little low because I kinda didn't like Teddy disobeying Bob and the Teddy/Mrs. Dabney was a little weak but not very much. I did laugh a lot in this episode though. PJ and Gabe trying to find a gift for Teddy's birthday was very funny. It was hilarious when PJ got the boots stuck on his foot and Gabe didn't want to take the boots off. The joke with "old man giving the finger" was hilarious. Kids won't understand the joke though but teenagers and adults will get a good laugh at it. It was funny because Teddy said "Oh look, the nice old man is sticking his finger and saying we're number 1" then Mrs. Dabney says "No, he's not... he-" then Teddy says "I know what he is doing". That joke will probably make kids wonder though. The whole revelation that Bob didn't want Teddy to drive because he is worried about losing his little girl which is Teddy was very nice and heartwarming. PJ and Gabe's song for Teddy was funny as well. Overall, the Season 1 finale wasn't the best but I honestly don't see what's so bad about it. 8.5/10

  • Poor episode.


    Teddy drives Mrs. Dabney all day so she can practice her driving skills, when Bob did not want her to get her license yet. Meanwhile, PJ and Gabe get a birthday gift for Teddy. Also, Amy doesn't want to let go a dog Gabe found, whom she didn't like at first.

    Bob/Teddy/Mrs. Dabney's Plot: Teddy driving Mrs. Dabney all day was alright. I didn't like how Teddy didn't listen to her dad. The ending to this plot was predictable, Teddy is Bob's little girl and blah blah blah they hug.

    PJ/Gabe's Plot: I thought Gabe in the boots was funny. There was nothing else really memorable in this plot if I remember.

    Amy's Plot: It was predictable, they let the dog go at the end. Blah blah blah, boring.

    Overall disappointing season finale.

  • 126

    Why do Disney Channel finales always have to be so poor in quality? The only one that has stood out recently is Sonny with a Chance's season 2 finale, but this definitely didn't stand out. The story lines were ridiculous and predictable. Teddy has gone from tolerable to obnoxious over the course of an entire season, and Ivy got way too much screen time here. Ivy is just not an awesome character, she's annoying and not likable.

    Also the story lines were just ridiculous. Ivy hanging out with Teddy's mom? So in response, Teddy hangs out with Ivy's mom, are you serious? The case of Mr. Dabney was quite predictable, and we all knew that PJ heard wrong when Ms. Dabney said she killed her husband, it wasn't very entertaining either.

    The highlight continues to be Amy Duncan, while everyone else has fallen short. I guess I shouldn't blame the characters, it's the writers that are starting to bug me. Weak way to end a season.
  • great

    Teddy wants to get her driver's license but Bob is not sure it is a good idea. Teddy drives Mrs. Dabney around for her to do some errands, but things get bad when they get lost.

    PJ and Gabe try to pick a present for Teddy for her 16th birthday.

    Amy gets attached to a dog that followed Gabe home.

    When Teddy returns home she realizes the real reason Bob did not want her to get her license, they hug and all is forgiven.

    Good episode. It had some good moments (the line in the car about the guy's finger will surely fly over younger viewers' heads), and the plot itself was very nice.
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