Good Luck Charlie

Season 1 Episode 26

Driving Mrs. Dabney

Aired Sunday 7:30 PM Jan 30, 2011 on Disney Channel

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  • A great season finale

    The only way Teddy can perfect her skills with an automobile is by driving Mrs. Dabney wherever she wants to go. Amy resists getting attached to a stray dog that Gabe found. I thought this was a great season 1 finale of Good Luck Charlie. I don't understand some of the low score because it was bad. This episode wasn't that bad, expect maybe for Amy's plot....meh. Teddy's plot was kinda decent, but not very much laughs. Even I thought I hate that Justing Bieber d-bag so much, the line in which he was refered was kinda funny. Teddy getting her blouse messed up was very funny and probably the biggest laugh in her plot. Gabe/PJ plot was much funnier because Gabe get his foot stuck in a boot (he was buying it for Teddy's birthday). Also, Charlie had some lines and they were amusing. The song near the end was good as well. I think the ending was super funny because Gabe appeared as a cop. Overall, a great and underrated episode. 8.5/10
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