Good Luck Charlie

Season 1 Episode 20

Girl Bites Dog

Aired Sunday 7:30 PM Nov 14, 2010 on Disney Channel
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Teddy realizes that Spencer may not be the Prince Charming that she believed him to be. P.J. takes Gabe up on his offer to help P.J. buy a car.

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  • Teddy/Spencer plot was ok, but Gabe/PJ plot was funnier

    Teddy realizes that Spencer may not be the Prince Charming that she believed him to be. P.J. takes Gabe up on his offer to help P.J. buy a car. I thought this was a great episode of Good Luck Charlie. This one features a Teddy/Spencer storyline. It was pretty decent, but it was predictable that Spencer was cheating on a girl named Skyler (played by Samantha Boscarino). Not very much humor in that plot, but I LOL'd at Ivy's role, Charlie bitting Spencer, Charlie acting like a monster to Spencer, Skyler spours yogurt on Spencer, then Teddy cover Spencer's face with some cake bread. As for the other plot, I laughed at pretty much most of it such as PJ explaining what happened, Gabe putting PJ a cap, the car being hunted, and it turns out that Amy was there). Also, I liked that Amy did the video diary since Teddy was heartbroken. Overall, a great episode of Good Luck Charlie. 8/10moreless
  • Bad, I'm disappointed.

    Charlie one day bites Spencer because she suspects something going on with him. Teddy is very worried of Charlie because it will put their relationship in a crisis so when she meets Spencer with another girl Skyler,she dumps Spencer. Meanwhile, Gabe takes advantage of PJ because he lend PJ the money so he can think he can go anywhere with PJ driving him so PJ and Bob decide to put an end to it by pretending that there is a ghost in the car. When Gabe starts using the car, he hears the ghost but when he runs away, it was Amy who was pretending to be the ghost.

    Charlie/Teddy/Spencer's Plot: Oh my gosh! Charlie just bit your finger, Spencer! It's not that big of a deal! All babies do that, poor Charlie being blamed for making Spencer leave, Spencer was the one who can't take little things. Anyway, I hate how Disney turns every boyfriend into a jerk. This plot was just horrible.

    Gabe/PJ/Bob/Amy's Plot: I loved this plot! I didn't like Gabe's "drive wherever I want" thing, they use that in every show and in real life, that won't happen, there would be a fist fight about that. I didn't like how Bob didn't help PJ only because of the contract. Although I loved Amy being a ghost in the car and everyone getting revenge on PJ.

    Overall a bad episode. I'm disappointed, since the last, I think 5, episodes I reviewed were PERFECT, but this one just wasn't the show's day.moreless
  • 120

    Not a bad episode of Good Luck Charlie by any standard, it was just way too predictable for my liking. The moment Charlie bit Spencer, I just knew that he was going to end up cheating on Teddy. The only thing this episode reminded me was that no one can kiss on screen on Disney Channel.

    When Teddy realizes he's cheating, he finds out when Spencer has his arm around someone else. Come on, Disney Channel, you've got to give us more than that. This is why we have so many angry fans. Sonny/Chad and Lilly/Oliver from other shows on Disney Channel are dating but haven't shared a kiss yet. I thought this show was different in that aspect but I guess not. The car being haunted... I just knew that it was just some prank that PJ had set up. So overall a predictable episode but it was still enjoyable. No more Ivy please, the writers need to tone her down. Seeing her dancing to country was a bit too ridiculous.moreless
  • perfect

    teddy realizes that spencer is cheating on her and they break up as a result.

    gabe helps pj buy a car, but as a result pj has to drive gabe around whenever he wants to go somewhere. what will pj do?

    good episode. i have not watched this show in a while but this was a really good and funny episode, i thought anyways. i liked spencer's character and am pretty surprised he would be a cheater, but i guess that's life for ya: unexpected. Anyways, good episode, and I give this episode an A+ as a grade. A perfect episodemoreless
  • Things get ugly when Charlie bites Spencer and it turns out that Spencer is a two timing puppy. Gabe loans PJ money to buy a car and forces PJ to chauffer him around.moreless

    Spencer, I am surprised at you! I thought you were one of the rare guys who are one-hundred percent faithful to their girlfriends. I cannot believe you broke Teddy's heart like that. I understand you are a guy, you're weak, however, you are still on punishment for what you did. You lied to not only to Teddy but also to Skylar. Shame on you for pulling that trifling, weak-men-can't-say-no, dog crap.At least you could've had the common courtesy to be honest with Teddy(sarcasticly)"This is my cousin,Skylar" who are you trying to play? I would like to say to Good job Charlie for not only looking out for your sister but for giving Spencer what he deserved in advanced. For a baby who' s 18 months you are one smart cookie. A little advice Teddy, boys are obstacles, you have go through many of them before you get to the prize. Guys are not trophies however the point is you will get your heart broken many times before you find the one guy that you will spend the rest of your life with, who knows, Spencer might be your Prince Charming or he might be a sorry fool. It'll be alright. The bit with Charlie being a mad giant was scary-good!

    By the way the title of this episode is very appropriate because Spencer acted like a dog!moreless

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