Good Luck Charlie

Season 1 Episode 12

Kit and Kaboodle

Aired Sunday 7:30 PM Jul 11, 2010 on Disney Channel

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  • I used to have a cat that looked just like Kaboodle. Lol!

    I thought this was a great episode overall. It was a little weak at parts, and plots with a character lying to someone have been done so many times, but there were some really funny parts, like PJ's whole plot and Gabe trying to think of something to say to Kit near the beginning. I also thought Teddy pretending to be a mouse was funny, but my favorite part was probably the ending with all of Mrs. Dabney's sisters. So overall, despite this episode having a few weak parts and not being too original at times, I thought it was pretty great for the most part. Grade: A-. Marebear2009, out!

    ~dedicated to tigerdude22~
  • Another hilarious episode

    P.J. is forced to bring Charlie to the restaurant with him after Teddy's pet sitting gig turns out to be more of a hassle than she bargained for. Gabe tries to impress a pretty new girl in his class. This episode was perfect and very funny as well. I'm guessing this is the first episode to feature three plots so I'll list the funny parts by plot. PJ/Charlie plot: I kinda thought it was funny that PJ is forced to bring Charlie while at work. Teddy plot: It was funny that she have take care for Mrs. Dabney's cat as well as when she acts like an animal. Last, Gabe plot. This plot is kinda funnier than the other two. I laughed at the parts when Gabe try to impress Kit (Ryan Newman) and then juice splits on himself, Gabe lying, and others. The very ending was hilarious. Overall, a very funny episode. 10/10
  • Wow a perfect good luck charlie again!


    Wow a perfect Good Luck Charlie again! OK this episode is about Gabe liking a girl named Kit but he lies to her just so they could have stuff in common I thought this was an excellent Good Luck Charlie. The funny parts was when Gabe spilt his drink and he said that's juice not pee. That was funny. The subplot was funny with PJ. This episode was really funny. Overall 10/10.

  • This Show Continues To be My Favorite on Disney

    Teddy agrees to take care of mrs. dabney's cat, kaboodle. but she fears kaboodle is sick. is kaboodle?

    gabe lies to a girl named kit he likes that he is an only child and his parents are divorced. what will happen when the truth comes out?

    PJ takes Charlie with him when he delivers chicken to people, and he tells sob stories about how their mom is in the hospital, not mentioning the fact that she is a doctor/nurse.

    Great episode, the only thing i don't get is, was pj punished? They did not really say. Otherwise another fine episode, A+ easily
  • Perfect episode!


    Gabe gets his first crush on a girl named Kit, he then lies to her by saying he is an only child so they can have something in common. Meanwhile, Mrs. Dabney asks Teddy to cat-sit her cat Kaboodle and Teddy thinks the cat is sick because he is just lying around. PJ uses Charlie to make more money on deliveries by saying he is watching her while his mom is in the hospital, not mentioning she actually works there.

    I thought this was a perfect episode! I thought Gabe's plot was great, and the part where he was wondering what to say was hilarious. The end of that plot was funny where Kit and her mom comes to Gabe's house and everything gets out of control. I thought Teddy's plot was great! The vet was funny to me. Also, the vet appeared as a teacher in many episodes of That's So Raven, one of Disney Channel's best Original Series. Anyway, back on topic, I thought PJ/Charlie's plot was funny! It was funny when the lady kept ordering chicken to see PJ and Charlie. It was funny when PJ kept getting extra money.

    Overall, a PERFECT episode of Good Luck Charlie!

  • Gabe has a crush on a girl and tries to impress her

    I thought that this was an excellent episode of "Good Luck Charlie" and it's one of my favorite episodes. All of the plots in this episode were absolutely hilarious. Like I do sometimes in my reviews, I'll tell my opinions on three of the plots. Gabe's plot was very funny when he was a crush on a girl at school and tries to impress her. The funniest part was when spilled juice on his box and then he tells his crush "It's juice, not pee" and when Gabe made Teddy pretend that she is the zookeeper, Bob as the exterminator (which he really is), PJ as the Kwikki Chikki guy (which he really is), and Amy as the mom (which she really is)... Gabe lied to his crush by telling her by that Bob and Amy are divorced. Teddy's plot was hilarious when Teddy is babysitting Mrs. Dabney's cat. The funniest part was when Teddy is pretending to be a mouse for Mrs. Dabney's cat. PJ/Charlie plot was absolutely hilarious when PJ is using Charlie to get money and have the people think that Amy is in the hospital... haha it's horrible but hilarious for PJ to do that. The funniest and cutest part was when Charlie said "Mama, mama mama" in a bunny costume. It was also hilarious to find out that Mrs. Dabney has a twin sister except she is the nice one. The ending was also funny when there were two more Mrs. Dabneys. Overall, an excellent episode of "Good Luck Charlie". 10/10
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