Good Luck Charlie

Season 1 Episode 17

Kwikki Chick

Aired Sunday 7:30 PM Sep 19, 2010 on Disney Channel

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  • Perfect episode!


    Teddy needs money for a new cell phone and gets a job as the neighborhood dog walker, but the job is less than glamorous. After walking in PJ's job Kwikki Chikki, PJ gets jealous when his boss Mitch gives Teddy a job as the Kwikki Chikki spokesmodel. Teddy then comes up with a plan to get herself fired in order to give her brother the spotlight he deserves. Meanwhile, Amy sings a song with Charlie at her daycare which gets very competitive with the other mothers, while Gabe uses a mouse to play a trick on Bob.

    Teddy/PJ's Plot: I thought a sibling fight kind of plot was nice, as we haven't really seen any of that in the series. I really feel for PJ, as how she is a princess and gets everything. I liked the part when Teddy gets herself fired.

    Amy/Charlie's Plot: Sometimes I don't like it when Amy gets crazy. Sometimes I love it when she gets crazy. But with this plot, I'm not sure. However, I thought her performance was funny. I didn't like the lady/rival, she was a b-word.

    Gabe/Bob's Plot: I didn't really like this plot. However, I liked it when Bob already knew the prank and started laughing while crying.

    Overall a perfect episode!