Good Luck Charlie

Season 2 Episode 6

L.A.R.P. in the Park

Aired Sunday 7:30 PM Mar 27, 2011 on Disney Channel

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  • A weaker season 2 episode

    Teddy regrets feigning interest in Evan's favorite pastime, when she learns how deep his geeky obsession really goes. I thought this was a great episode but it is my second least favorite episode for the second season. My least favorite plot would most likely be Amy's while Teddy and Bob's plots are better. In Amy's plot, I only laughed when Charlie poked her eyes, and a couple more. Teddy's plot...I pretty much enjoyed the part where she play this pokeo thing (which is a Pokemon parody). Bob's plot has a bit of funnier lines and the part where he made up an award ceremony. Great episode, but not the best for this season. 8/10
  • 206

    The first lackluster episode of Good Luck Charlie, don't get me wrong, I have been really impressed with the season thus far, but it seemed to have regressed in quality tonight.

    The best story line was definitely Amy's. We got a great tie-in with the speech and her faking an injury. It's those kind of moments Good Luck Charlie should stick too on a weekly basis.

    The other story lines were only okay. Teddy is back to her annoying self. She just came off as plain stupid in this episode. Sorry, but someone had to say it. Plus the story line in it's entirety was quite ridiculous. Still solid all things considered, but no, this wasn't one of the best episodes.
  • Not the best "Good Luck Charlie" episode of Season 2 so far

    Hmmm... I can't call this the best "Good Luck Charlie" episode I've seen but it was overall a good episode. Teddy has a new boyfriend but then she finds out that she loves "pokeo" after Gabe tells her that he knows him from somewhere. Amy can't relax at the house because the family keep asking her to do things for them. Charlie accidentally pokes Amy in the eye and Amy goes to the hospital to get her eye checked. Amy doesn't want to go back home so he asks the nurse (man) if she can stay at the hospital. Bob wins Exterminator of the Year award and thanks Teddy, PJ, Gabe, and Charlie but forgets to thank Amy. The plot to this episode was good but it was pretty weak in my opinion. I think the only parts I found funny was when PJ said "Ernie is my dad?", when the gang was showing Amy on camera of Bob thanking Amy and Charlie comes under the curtains which ruined the whole plan and Bob had to tell Amy the truth. The most hilarious scene of this episode though was Teddy, her boyfriend, and his friends having their L.A.R.P. war at the park. Overall, definitely not a bad episode of "Good Luck Charlie" but I thought the plot could have been better. 7.5/10