Good Luck Charlie

Season 2 Episode 3

Let's Potty

Aired Sunday 7:30 PM Mar 06, 2011 on Disney Channel

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  • The most hilarious episode of Season 2 so far

    The first two Season 2 episodes of "Good Luck Charlie" have been superb but the third Season 2 episode of "Good Luck Charlie" was absolutely perfect. It was hilarious that Charlie is only potty trained when she watches "The Gurgles". It was hilarious when Charlie was dipping all of the stuff in the toilet and made it clogged up and then Charlie said "uh-oh". I thought Bob trying to fix the plumbing and then accidentally makes the power go down was very funny. It was hilarious when Amy high fived Gabe for saying "Dabnarrhea" and when Mrs. Dabney came to the house and asked if Gabe was electricuted. It was also funny when Gabe and PJ stole electricity from Mrs. Dabney. It was also funny when Amy was asking Mrs. Dabney if they can use the restroom and Mrs. Dabney says things like "I don't even let Mr. Dabney use my restroom" and "the restroom at the gas station is very nice". It was also hilarious when the power shut off and then Mrs. Dabney comes to the house angry and her hair sticking up because she was electricuted. It was also cool that Daniel Lee Curtis guest starred as Ivy's crush. Also, it was hilarious when Teddy and Ivy barely found out what a wall phone and a phone book is. Also, Amy and Bob taking Charlie to preschool and Charlie ends up pooping in her pants while watching "The Gurgles" in the classroom was funny. Overall, this is the most hilarious episode of Season 2 in "Good Luck Charlie" so far. 10/10